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Has there been any progress with the GB guild? If needed, I'm now able to sign the guild charter; recently took the plunge and got myself a paid account.

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Ok, I don't want to alarm anyone here... but World of Warcraft is a really good game. My main excuse for not playing it up until now has been that I was worried it would take over my life, and now that I've started playing, I've come to accept that it might. I'm alright with this.

Anyway, are referrals still a thing in online games like this? I'm rocking the starter edition right now, but I'm now ready and willing to start dropping some money on this thing. If any duders have referral codes, I'd be happy to hook you up. Besides, someone came up to me earlier and asked me to become a charter member of the Giant Bomb guild, which is something you can't do on free accounts, and that made me sad.

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Never played WoW before, interested in joining up with some duders to do WoW stuff. ID is Hjorvarth#1775. I'm installing now, probably gonna be looking to play sometime this afternoon/evening (Eastern time).

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I just wish it was easier to play in games with a high player count like that, those are definitely the best/funniest. Being stuck in the same conversation with the same 3 or 4 people for the whole time can be ok if everyone is hilarious, but dipping into and out of different groups and conversations is another big part of what makes the game fun.

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@whitegreyblack: Oh man, I forgot all about the cheesiness bit. That part had me rolling as well.

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You can pry Mary's ill-gotten drug money from her cold dead hands.

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Had a ton of fun with this last night. Myself and a bunch of other duders were paired together, and by the end it had turned into a LOST/Velvet Sundown/Star Trek ultra sci-fi crossover event for the ages. I'd have to say the peak occurred towards the end, where the person playing Boyle made some grammar/spelling gaffe that came out sounding even more robotic than the voices already do. This lead to me accusing him of being a member of the Borg, and everyone else following suit perfectly by repeating "WE ARE BOYLE" and "ASSIMILATE" over and over. If anyone's up for it, I'll be looking for games again tonight in the hopes of laughing half as much as I did last night.

Also, what Jeff said on the podcast about this game is totally true; you owe it to yourself to play until you find a good group. The first two games I played were full of people calling each other racial/homophobic slurs, cursing for no reason, and talking about having orgies. Then I managed to find three lobbies full of hilarious people who really "got" the game (as much as one can "get" this game, anyway). Our own intricate storylines with twists and turns played out organically, alliances were forged and severed, and it was really wonderful.

Edit: @armaan8014 I played once without VO, and sadly, in my opinion this game is nothing without the voices. At that point it's basically just a visualized chat room. I'm sure it can still be funny, but having the characters voice everything is a major part of what makes it enjoyable.

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Hey, I've recently gotten back into FFXIII and decided to start from the beginning. Does anyone know of a guide detailing which weapons (and accessories, I guess) are best to upgrade? I'm terrified of putting a bunch of EXP into one weapon, only for it to end up being the worst one I could've picked. I know there are a lot of upgrading guides out there but none of the ones I found really tell you which ones are best to upgrade and why.

Also, if anyone has just some personal advice on the subject I'd really appreciate that too. Am I worrying too much about this, or did you find that upgrading a certain weapon made all the difference for you?

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My XBL name is FaerieNutfuz, send me a friend/game invitation and if I'm online I'm sure I'll be down to play with you guys.

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Haha, yeah, I played the crap out of the PS2 version of Nightfire, although my memories of it are a little fuzzy because of how long ago that was. My favorite multiplayer level involved snow, castles (maybe?), and a ski lift. I also remember the single-player being pretty good for its time. I'm positive there was some sniper level that was a ton of fun to play through.