Downpour is in my opinion the best Silent Hill game

To me the game is the best in the franchise despite the mixed reviews from professional game journalists. And here is my review of the game

which isn't shamelessly posted for the sake of attention, as I'll base my opinions greatly on what I've written there.


In order to me more concise, I'll just address the big complaints by Silent Hill fans.

Here it goes: 

  1. This doesn't feel like a Silent Hill game!

What doesn't feel like a Silent Hill game? It has fog, metaphorical monsters, gruesome twists, sinners, and the possibility of redemption. Thematically is as Silent Hill as Silent Hill can get.

Graphically-wise there is little comparison between each iteration of Silent Hill and the next, so to me there is little reason here.

Sound-wise the soundtrack seems a lot like Akira Yamaoka's compositions. Although without voiced themes. 

   2. The gameplay sucks!

Tell me which game in the franchise had a better gameplay. Silent Hill 2 had tank controls and bad shooting mechanics, similar in style to the early Resident Evil games, same as Silent Hill 3, 4 and Origins. Silent Hill Homecoming had an interesting although overly used melee fighting system, and similar shooting.

On the other hand Silent Hill Shattered Memories has a different gameplay which influenced Downpour, as the bigger part of the game is past exploring the nooks and crannies of Silent Hill. The escape sequences also heavily influenced Downpour, as the Otherworld is most of the time lived through similar sequences.


   3. It isn't scary!

Personally I didn't find Silent Hill 2, 3, Origins, Shattered Memories or Homecoming scary. There were creepy moments in them, but the games were pretty tame for the most part. Although Silent Hill 4 was scary! Zombies felt as an hoovering menace over my head with their moaning, a particular enemy was scary because she slowly advanced towards me with its over-extended hair. 

   4. The story isn't on par with the first Silent Hill games!

Personally I thought the story was as twisted as the first Silent Hill games, featuring adult and complex themes, and redemption, which is a prevalent idea in the franchise.


   5. The game is dull!

I can't argue here. It is at its core an adventure game. So there isn't much fighting, mostly exploring. Similar to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Also when was Silent Hill about combat?


I think Silent Hill: Downpour suffered from the very low expectations of the public, that combined with the first average to mediocre reviews, convinced of the poor quality of the game. This is a pity, because Downpour is a genuinely good game, and to me the best of the franchise.

I may be biased, but I think people think so highly of Silent Hill 2 and 3 because they haven't played them recently. The graphics are from the PS2 era, the gameplay continues to suck, although the music is great.

If you like horror games, try Silent Hill: Downpour. It is worth your time!

Take care guys!


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What did ya think about Silent Hill: Downpour?

Posted by TheSilentGod

You make a good case in taking down the most common criticisms aimed at this little gem of a game, and while Silent Hill 2 will remain my favourite of the series I think Downpour is really fantastic in a lot of ways, and a breath of fresh air for the series.

Posted by Dagbiker

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was the best Silent Hill game.

Posted by Yummylee

Y'know, I really liked Downpour a lot 'n all (#3 on my own GOTY list), but... naaaah. For me it's still behind the first four Silent Hills and Shattered Memories.

Edited by handlas

It, indeed, has some of the best moments out of any SH game. One part in particular where you are at like a theater and it starts to come to life. That sequence is just amazing... too bad no one gives a sh*t about SH because that should of been on the "top moments" section of the awards. Probably the best sequence this year. I didn't think the overall story was great though.

Having gone back and played the HDified remakes of SH2 and 3, Downpour definitely comes off looking good. I know it's not fair to compare the old with the new but I must have major nostalgia for 2 and 3 because they seemed pretty bad when replaying them.

All that being sad, The Room is still my favorite of them all. And I know that is blasphemy amongst SH fans so whatever.

Posted by Jeust

@handlas said:

All that being sad, The Room is still my favorite of them all. And I know that is blasphemy amongst SH fans so whatever.

To me it's not blasphemy. I played the game seven/eight years ago, and I still remember the ending, and still find the ghosts probably the freakiest enemies out of any horror game. Those moans still haunt me.