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@jeust: This is one of the most thought-provoking statements I've read on the internet in a long while. Thanks for that!

As for the topic of discussion. I'm a heterosexual, white male. Maybe this is why I've never felt like it's an issue. I just don't feel passionate about it at all. On the other hand, more different kinds of people playing games means more interesting perspectives and unique experiences for everyone to enjoy. And I'm all for that.

Thanks for the compliment! I believe that as the consumer base becomes more varied, a wider diversity both in games and in people employed in gaming related jobs is innevitable.

So why do we need to force it? To make a cruzade, and a war, where through repression and laws we try impose our will, indiferent to the will of others, and their suffering? Because they need to suffer, as our cruzade is just.

I believe the true justice is present in the tapestry that reality is, is the way the fabric comes together, and the shape it takes. There are reasons, decisions, causes, that lead us here, and reasons, decisions, causes that take us to next moment in our future. And those same causes took us to the positions we are in and will takes to new positions. Reality is organic. We don't need to repress or surpress others for a goal we deem worthy, as trully worthy goals are like gold, they endure past everything, and their realization comes of a necessity. They come from the single most profund desire of every human being, to be happy. And we aren't happy when we believe reality could be better, and our suffering lessen. But sometimes we resist that change, and we risk being crushed under the weight of our dissatisfaction, individually and colectively.

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Persona 5!

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I don't believe FF XV will launch this year. Nor do I put much stock on Bloodborne launching, But appart from it does look like a solid year for RPGs.

Uh, Bloodborne has a March release date. If it didn't make it out in 2015, that would be fucking crazy.

has it now? Then probably it is going to launching within the year, but I believe it can get delayed, as I don't know how good is From Software at juggling two games at the same time, Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne.

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I don't believe FF XV will launch this year. Nor do I put much stock on Bloodborne launching, But appart from it does look like a solid year for RPGs.

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Fable Anniversary, 2 and 3, for their humour and magical world built.

Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 for it makes me experience the Indiana Jones fantasy.

Also Alan Wake, Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and The Last of Us, for the incredible world built and the solid characters and voice (mostly!) performances.

They are my go to games.

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Diversity is good. But trying to force others to adhere to pratices that stimulate diversity is bad. Events should follow a natural course, and should not be forced upon people, or it generates an aggressive countermovement, as most individuals aren't ready to the ideas and will push them back vigourously, antagonizing themselves with those ideas. Natural change is a better solution, than enforced change. Less painful, as a change that is for the better will naturally occur.

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Tetris Effect in the works.

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Bioshock Infinite became my favourite First Person Shooter, last year when I played it. i love its scope and polish. It's beautiful world, and interesting characters, and it's mindbending story.

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The first post screams of self-entitlement. Gamers are consumers, they are not part of the development team shaping the games. You can express your opinions but not expect the market landscape to change more than marginally as a reaction to it.

Developers should have the freedom to develop the games they want, without equality lobbies pressuring them to make the games that the lobbies desire.

It is a common held belief that most consumers of home consoles are male. From what I've seen also, most women appear to be in the casual market, with pick up and play games, in home consoles, tablets, and smartphones. So it is only normal that "hardcore" games continue to be a male power fantasy, as they are believed to be the majority of the consumers of said games. It's not that it factually is correct, but it is a common held belief. And it is rational that more budgets are moved towards the development of these games.

And you don't need to ask for a revolution in gaming to cater to the tastes of women. We live in a society, where a niche that isn't been catered for is, after being proven financially viable, is normally filled, naturally, progressively, by individuals and companies.

The true issue is not misogyny in games, but misogyny. We live in a misogynistic society, with misogynistic entertainment, that to be more equal, has to change its unrealistic commonly held views of women and men. Focusing on the products of the society has limited success in changing it, as it acts upon the reaction (the products) rather than the cause of them. Although thinking about the products does makes us reflect about the reasons they were made in the first place, and the ideas that lead to this manifestation of misogyny.

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Finished Fable Anniversary and Fable 2. Really enjoyed both games. Fable Anniversary felt like a remaster with new touches on the coat of paint, and for what it was it is was fun. And I finally gave a fair shot to Fable 2 and ended up enjoying it much more than when I played it at its launch, as at that time I had interrupted playing Fable: The Lost Chapters, to play Fable 2, and felt the transition jarring, and the game disappointing compared to the first game. Now I can appreciate Fable 2 for what it tried to be: a bigger, more developed and more mature fable game.

Now I'm played Fable 3. Also digging it, but I'll probably get a Fable saturation by the end of it. Great experience regardless.

Also bought Resistance: The Fall of Man. Never played the game, although I always wanted to, so I'll probably do it this month too.