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From what I've read Beamdog also changed characters from the original games, empowering female characters.

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@kemuri07 said:

@jeust:spending money don't mean you gonna make that money.

Basically Squenix is basically putting all of its cards on the table, hoping that all the hype the game has received for the past 10 years will be enough. To do that, XV can't just be a good game. It has to revitalize not only the FF brand, but also Jrpgs presence in gaming in general. And honestly, I don't think that's going to happen.

I believe SE can sell 10 million on popularity and the fame of the franchise, on advertising, and by taking advantage of a current gen market with lack of diversity and quantity in high profiled games.

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Maybe. Square Enix is forking enough money to make it happen. And there is no AAA JRPG out there in the new consoles, and Square Enix and Final Fantasy are very popular trademarks. So maybe.

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You forgot Titanfall and Destiny. The endless grind, the lack of content, lack of singleplayer, the premium price, the unsubstancial additions...

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Hey! Sorry for the long wait. My life is also in a very complex spot, and energy sapping.

I do agree with your choice. I got the feeling you want to make movies in your own way. And stabilizing your life, financially and emotionally, will help you find that joy, quality and satisfaction in your movies, that you search for, as well as a more fulfilling life. You made a great choice.

And remember a small indie movie that rocked the world: Blair Witch Project. Three actors and a small budget changed the face of the horror industry.

I believe that kind of life will go very well for you, as long as you keep that passion for the real and beautiful alive working the way you want it. It will be a fulfilling and happy life.

One thing I've come to realize is that it is important to pinpoint exactly what drives us. What are we looking for in our lives? Some objectives are pretty easy to ascertain, but others are more elusive, and they manifestate in very commonly through our frustrations. "What do we feel frustrated about?" - that question will lead to goals unfulfilled.

And to me it seems you desire to makes movies the way you like it, and engage in your other creative and leisurely activities, and your current choice aligns with that, as long as you don't abandon them for work or something else.

So to me you are really choosing your dreams and happiness, in the way you find that works best, the the dream that makes you happy. Of course some parts that dream have to be reworked, and some ideas let go, but that is the way of realizing any dream. Not every aspiration works together with the others, some are contradictory, others impractical, and we have to find what is the most important part of our dream, and plan around it, aspiring to realize our goals the best way possible. This is the way of living any dream.

Good luck!

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The idea is to describe your life with the title, and not by the content, of a game.

The game I pick is Freedom Wars. As... I am warring, for freedom!


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@jec03 said:

Gaming all the way I like giantbomb don't get me wrong but damn peoples obsession with the GB staff I find disturbing they talk about them like they are friends with them in real life. I joined this site many years ago to talk about games not about what Dan Ryckert ate for breakfast fuck that shit nothing against Dan but some of you people need fucking lives. Most of the threads on this site these days looks like a TMZ article on what your fav giant bomb journalist eats,shits, and wears.

I agree. I like the staff, but I'm here for the forums, and I spend some time here, but I game much more.

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Groups of bandits are very rough early on in the game. And that particular area for Lost & Found is meant to be done later.

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I commend your effort, but I'd add a safe-guard for your sanity. Sometimes I like to buy a new game to distract myself, focus my curiosity and relax. If you are like me, let yourself buy one once in a while when you sincerely crave for something new to play, not just to have on hand, and effectively play what you buy.

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Hello! I like hunting and travelling.
Hello! I like hunting and travelling.