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I didn't dislike the movie, but hated the fragmented pacing of most of the film. Seing days fly by in seconds of screenplay was simplistic and made most of the movie repetitive, as the action from the next day never strayed too far from the previous and sometimes there was even a little repeat of the events of the prior day.

The ending was about the fact that the Omega was outside of time, and killing it, destroyed its presence in all times and places it had been, and was.

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@cornbredx said:

Apparently you live a privileged life if you think this is "becoming" a part of life.

I'm 32 years old and school shootings were rampant where and when I was in high school and even when I was younger. A lot of my friends were killed in drive by shootings and various other happenings not far from or on school campuses over 20 years ago. Nothing about this is new or "becoming" normal. It's a sad fact of life that has been ongoing for hundreds of years now. People just pretended it didn't exist until it started garnering attention on 24 hour news stations.

This also has nothing to do with gun control. The number 1 cause of all of these particular cases (which is only a tiny fraction of actual teenage related shootings throughout america) that people latch onto has been people with psychiatric issues that are being ignored. The only gun control needed here is parents need to be held accountable for how terribly they raise (don't raise) their children.

For the most part your OP is full of ignorance.

Of course if the gun laws weren't so lenient, the perpetrators probably wouldn't be involved in any shootings. It's true that there are psychological problems involved, but that doesn't excuse the method of violence associated with their cry for attention nor its destructiveness.

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I finished in a row Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil Remake and Silent Hill 2 HD, so I'm in a slump now. Was thinking of trying Resident Evil 4 in the Wii, but the console isn't working well.

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I just don't understand how anyone in good conciseness can support gun carrying laws that are in place today. It's been tried for a while now.

Well tell that to the firearms lobby and the associated politicians.

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@thunderslash said:

Last time I played SH2 on the PC it had crazy sound issues. Voices would cut out mid convos, stuff like that. Granted this was 5 years ago on Windows Vista, so I don't know if there is a fan patch to fix that stuff nowadays.

SH3 on the PC runs fine though.

Yep. I agree. The Silent Hill 2 runs badly on Vista. And Silent Hill 3 runs perfectly on Windows 7.

Here is an apparently useful link to put both games working on the PC:

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I finished the HD port of Silent Hill 2 recently in the PS3, and I have to say that is almost up to the originals, with the extra definition that makes the prettier overall, but there are slowdowns from time to time when running in the streets of Silent Hill, as well at least one critical bug to the loading of textures, that can happen, - it did to me! - and the water rendition in two scenes in a latter part of the game is shitty, but despite that it a pretty game. And apart from the displeasing rendering of the water, you'll be hard press in noticing anything out of place. I also played Silent Hill 2 to completion in the PC and PS2.

I also played to completion Silent Hill 3 in HD and I found it a great port. Although that feeling is due also to never having played through this game to completion in the PS2 or in the PC. In this game I didn't notice any bugs.

My overall analysis is that the HD collection is now in a good shape, although it isn't completely faithful to the originals, in things like the rendition of the water in Silent Hill 2, or in some of the voice actors in this Silent Hill 3 port (that are new), it is a good option, still it doesn't live up to the polish of the PC and PS2 version, but they almost compensated that with the extra definition.

So take it as you will.

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What's a white drink? Semen? Milk? Semen in milk?

@sweep said:

What's a White Drink?!

It's mostly cocktails. Here is a page about them:

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Blood of my vanquished enemies.

Damn I missed that one! No poll options for vampires or werewolves.

Nor tea lovers...

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Water for me. Clean, refreshing and healthy.