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Embiggen doesn't work for me. Also when I hover over options all of the options are missing their first 3 letters, so I see 'icles','casts',iews','epolis','eos','um boards' etc

Also, if I search companies: sega => nothing gets listed in drop down

if I search panies: sega => drop down does what you want

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Took me roughly 3 hours to finish Act 1. Great characters, very good writing, and actually laughed out loud at the jokes. Would like Act 2. Great ending of first act so you should not have it spoiled.

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My video stops randomly, sometimes half way in, sometimes just a few minutes in. I use the html5 player because the other players get pixelated full screen, and member stuff has no youtube. Then after it stops, if I hit the big play button that shows up it starts back form the beginning. Interestingly, when it randomly stops, if I reload the page instead, and then hit play, it will resume from where it left off, but then it will stop again. I have to download the huge HD files now, because the player just doesn't work anymore. This bug has been consistent for at least a month.

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I've been having this problem with watching html5 HD, but it only happens at night, during the day, everything is fine. No idea why this happens, speed test still says I have 25 Mbps. It seems like the video just never buffers, it stutters a couple of seconds, then pauses... then goes for a couple more seconds, then pauses. This started happening I would say about 3 weeks ago.

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Added my details as well. :)

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@endaround said:

@jfbguy: Actually there has been a move by sports leagues to make sports stats property of the respective leagues. It hasn't gone anywhere yet since the potential of losing fantasy interest is too high but don't be too surprised in the future the only place your allowed to play fantasy football is NFL.com or its broadcast partners.

I never played Fantasy Football but this makes me sad :(

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What I don't understand about these exclusivity deals is anyone can write a book about porches, or a magazine. Example with Madden, anyone can make Fantasy Football periodicals, and use all of their names and pictures of the players. Or maybe it's the visual medium that changes everything. Very sad. Where's my freedom of speech?!

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I liked the concept. I actually shot at the ground the first time, and it still read it as I shot him. So I quickly reloaded, got blown up by a mine, reloaded, and then shot into the air, to complete what I originally intended to do. I think the mine blows up if you never let go of the spacebar ever, kind of making it so the user doesn't just click away from the 'game'... interactive narrative. The ending reminded me of the board game Train. If you have never heard of it, you should read up on it. Very similar in concept.

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