My 3DS Library

I normally hate doing this kind of list, but this time I feel compelled to. The 3DS is in a bit of a bind, you see, with a botched launch and an eleventh hour marketing restructuring that's made it a bit of a laughingstock. I still have faith in the handheld and while the games library, while improving, is few and far between, those games that are on it, old and new, tend to be quite excellent and ones I'm proud to have with me at all times. Here's a list of all the games I currently have (or will have very soon) on my 3DS, and thus have on my person and easily accessible at all times. Let's just stop think about that for a minute. Can we really still say the 3DS sucks? Doesn't it say something that we live in an age where I can have *this* library on my person again, at all times?

*Note: This doesn't include retail DS games. If it did, you could add anything from the entire DS library, in particular 100 Atari Arcade and 2600 games.

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