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@sgtsphynx: See? That is a real gripe and a real solution.

Thanks for your service.

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So, it's ham-handed because it's an attempt at emotion in a big, dumb action game, but if it's context includes an angsty, awkward teenager it's high art (Gone Home)?


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I don't say much around here, but I feel compelled to applaud Jeff and the entire staff for their handling of this whole issue and the even-handed tone of the Editor's letter.

I have been here since the beginning and never have I been prouder of where my $5 a month goes.

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Jeff Green isn't going to E3 this year, according to his Twitter feed. Apparently Ryan was disappointed and it looks like everyone's favorite Game Geezer will be on a Bombcast sometime after E3.

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I was honestly wondering this myself just this morning. That chart is very telling.

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A license with an original plot developed directly by Parker/Stone and in the hands of a great developer? I'm in.

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@Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 said:

I would kick an elderly woman down an elevator shaft to have Garnet Lee, John Davison, Shane Bettenhausen, and Mark McDonald do a regular podcast together again.


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Blue shell overabundance ruined that game for me. Other than that, it was as good a Mario Kart as there has been and the concept was novel.

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