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Jeff Green isn't going to E3 this year, according to his Twitter feed. Apparently Ryan was disappointed and it looks like everyone's favorite Game Geezer will be on a Bombcast sometime after E3.

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I was honestly wondering this myself just this morning. That chart is very telling.

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A license with an original plot developed directly by Parker/Stone and in the hands of a great developer? I'm in.

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@Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 said:

I would kick an elderly woman down an elevator shaft to have Garnet Lee, John Davison, Shane Bettenhausen, and Mark McDonald do a regular podcast together again.


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Blue shell overabundance ruined that game for me. Other than that, it was as good a Mario Kart as there has been and the concept was novel.

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@Zero_: The best "fight" was one from sometime in May of 2006. It was Shane and Luke, with some Garnett thrown in, and it was about exclusives. Luke finished his thought, got up, and left, slamming the door behind, somehow injuring John in the process and making him bleed. They live videoed some of the early 1up Yours, I wish they would have done them all.

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@Marino: Great pic! Thanks for sharing that.

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@wjb: Yeah, I definitely didn't get a hipster vibe. I guess one could have misconstrued some of Shane Bettenhausen's opinion as hipster-ish, but Shane seemed to revel in playing the "Sony Bettenhausen" character.

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