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I reached 20k in gamerscore in July of 2009. Today, I just passed 30k. I know that's nothing compared to the vast majority of members on this site, but when you have a career and 2 children under the age of six, that's pretty good. In 2009 I was 31, today I'm 34. It took three years. I guessed in my 20k post I would make it by April 2011; that was off by just a hair. I'd have to say that since July 2009, the Batman games by Rocksteady have been my favorites. I've had to replace my 360 twice in the 30k time frame. I have a feeling 40k won't be until 2015.

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I'm throwing in my hat for a code, please. Thanks!

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Hey duders I am asking for a guest pass if anyone has a spare. I'm hoping it will run on my machine but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Well done

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Probably the best vid I've seen in awhile. 
Nice job!
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Since I didn't mention it before, I'm playing on 360. Anyway, here's the bug that I've seen. I load MP up and I get to the loading screen, but then something goes wrong and I'm kicked ALL the way out to the Xbox dashboard. I had it happen twice in a row.

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I've noticed a ton of pop-in, screen tearing, and weird stuff like the "Your team won/lost" banner not appearing at the end of a round. I don't remember the first BC being this sloppy.

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So, do the achievements kick in if you have already played the game and get the update? I'm about 10 hours in.
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Loved it. I liked the cutscenes, and I felt like the graphics looked great on my Sony HDTV. I will purchase for sure.