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Arthur Gies? Meeeeeeh.

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If this is half as fun as Planetside during beta/release month I'll be there day one.  Hell, convince me it'll be as fun as Planetside and I can guarantee myself and a few friends will account for 15 preorders.

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@Rolyatkcinmai said:
" I find it extremely interesting. Looks like you're not only in the minority, but you're just the only one. "
Hardly.  There are a few in this thread but do you honestly expect anyone else to speak up when the majority of the responses to the thread have been "If you don't like Starcraft, you can get out."  Trust me, if you bother looking at other forums I'm hardly the only one wanting less SC2.
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On a somewhat related note does it not feel like it's almost become a stick with which to wake up the Brad bear from his podcast induced hibernation in some of the podcasts?  
"So anyway tell me about that new Protoss strategy  Brad."  *poke poke*
 *Brad peers out from his cave, snuffles, then slowly approaches the mic*
Has no one else had this thought?  It's an amusing thought at least.

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The age of the game isn't really what bothers me so much that it's mentioned in nearly every cast since before it was even released.  Hell, I love hearing about them picking up an old game again that they haven't played in ages.  That doesn't mean I want to hear about all the patches, various community tournies, or whatever for ANY game every week.
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 @Landon said:


I'd rather they talk more about games that have come out in the past month or two than one that released in July.
  @Xanth93 said:

" Why do people complain? Brad hasn't talked about StarCraft in a while. He was just talking about his trip over to South Korea. Yes, the StarCraft talk gets a little excessive, but this time was completely justified. "

Every Bombcast he's been on for the past several months has had at least some mention of Starcraft.  Brief mentions of "Yeah I played more of X this weekend" I don't mind but when it's practically the only thing he bothers talking about on the podcast anymore, other than the occasional game he's reviewing, it gets old.  I want to hear what the guys have to say about newer games, even if it's something I might not have any interest in, far more than I want to hear about a game that's almost 4 months old.  I don't care too much about Black Ops either but I want to hear what they have to say about it.  That doesn't mean I want to hear one of them recount multiplayer stories, patch notes, and various strategies for the next 4 months.  
It's understandable to talk about his recent trip and I want to hear about it TBH but this has been something I've been wanting to post for a few weeks now.  At this point I don't think we need an update on the game every time there's a patch, a new tournament, or some minor new strategy.  It's time to get onto new things.  We don't get updates on every patch to WoW or all the new & interesting raid strategies with any frequency so why should Starcraft, or any game really, be any different?    (No I don't play WoW.  Just wanted to use another widely played example.)
Yes, I understand that I can skip forward (goodness there's a fast forward on them thar eM Pea Three players?!  Gee Golly!) and I've started to do so on the Wii Ware/DSiWare segment if only because hilarity like 'MyFarm' or the Notepad classics aren't common enough for me to waste 10+ minutes hoping for something like those two.  I don't like to do it though because as was previously mentioned the guys can go off on interesting and/or funny tangents sometimes.
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Every week I dread two things:  Boring new DSiware Wiiware releases (there are good ones but they're few and far between) and Brad's Starcraft chatter.  I'd be willing to be the majority of the folks that purchased the game have moved onto other things, we are in the fall release season after all, and even among the people that care about Starcraft a minority gives a crap about the Korean tournies.   Please.  No more.

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 Final Fantasy 6.  I actually didn't dislike it  I just couldn't tell that these stairs that you needed to go down in Figaro Castle were stairs so I spent forever trying to figure out where I needed to go and finally just said screw it and returned the game.  Ended up giving it another try a couple months later and to this day it remains one of my favorite RPGs.
On the opposite side, meaning something I initially really liked and then after playing it hated it, would be Mirror's Edge.  The aesthetic to the game is amazing and I thought the demo showed a ton of potential and some fun parkour style action.  The actual game was just a massive disappointment.  Terrible combat, occasionally confusing level design, and the fact that I almost never just got a chance to explore levels and try to figure out the path through without 20 guys firing at me and helicopers buzzing by with machine guns.  I think I'd dig the time trials but I can't be bothered to take the game off the shelf because I have such intense feelings of distaste from the initial playthrough. 

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@ahriman22 said:

" @SeriouslyNow said:

" @ahriman22 said:
" @TaliciaDragonsong: I asked if Rap could be metal and you just replied "Limp Bizkit" "
She could have also replied " Body Count" and both would be true.  What's your point? "
Limp Bizkit and Body Count aren't Rap, they're metal. Nu Metal, which involves rapping, but it's metal before it's rap.  If I said Limp Bikit were a rap group, I believe people would say I'm wrong. "
Was just about to say this but went through the entire thread to make sure no one else had yet.  :)
Lot of people don't realize the many subsets of "Metal" that exist out there.  Seriously check out the Heavy Metal wiki sometime to see a number of them.
@Napalm said:

" @ahriman22 said:
Just ignore what I wrote. Limp Bizkit is rap rock. Nu Metal, which equals hard rock, basically, and not metal. "

  Again.   Nu Metal is a subset of Heavy Metal.  In no way does Nu Metal equal Hard Rock.  Heavy Metal and Hard Rock are more closely related than Hard Rock and Nu Metal are.
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@SethPhotopoulos said:
" @Video_Game_King said:

" @SethPhotopoulos: 
Kefka can, especially since he kinda accomplished his goals. Besides, Kefka wasn't nearly killed off in the beginning, only to come back to life and use that trait as a major piece of characterization for the protagonist. "

Kefaka was in a few things in a series that has gone downhill while the Joker has lived on for 70 years in the minds of millions where he has accomplished some goals too like killing the second Robin before Superboy punched reality.  He also did the exact same thing Kefka did because he was bored out of his damn mind and decided to use Mxyesptlk to give him powers which caused him to change reality and commit genocide and repeatedly torture Batman over and over again but didn't let him die. "
First of all the list was Greatest Game Villain.  There are many great villains in literature but they're not applicable to the list.  Kefka, to my recollection, was only ever in two things: Dissidia & FF6 (which was in a few collections and anthologies but it's still the same game).  You can only judge The Joker in this instance by what he's done in games.  TBH most if not all of that is pretty dull and typical game villain stuff.
Hell, the Mxyzptlk stuff wasn't even in a Batman run it was a Superman run if I remember right.  Honestly, The Joker has only done such a wide variety of bad things because he's really one of the few villians in the non-Vertigo part of the DC Universe that's consistently been even partially interesting to a lot of people so he gets dumped into everything, like the aforementioned Superman story arc.  Also don't judge a character in Final Fantasy by the series as a whole since most of the stories there are stand-alone, particularly in this case.  
It's simplistic in the extreme to say one character is "better" than another simply because he was part of a particular series.  I don't judge say, Joseph Robertson, by the Spider-Man series as whole just because he is a character in that universe.  You judge them by their role in that universe and how they well play that role.