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This movie looks so bad that I want those few minutes back that I wasted on watching the trailer.

Another Sandler cash-in. Estimated Rotten Tomatoes rating = 11%

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I'm sad that I'm late to this thread. For what's it's worth, here are a few thoughts I had while reading your well written post.

1. I lived in Japan shortly after FFVII came out. Although I didn't understand Japanese then to a level that I could have understood the Japanese version, I did ask a Japanese friend at that time what he thought of FFVII's story. He said it was confusing and he couldn't figure out how many of the plot lines tied together. So, even if the translation was perfect, I think that many of FFVII's story and over-arching plot issues run deeper than just the poor translation.

2. Finally, someone that agrees with me that the Tifa-Cloud relationship was much more interesting than Aerith. I first played FFVII while I was in high school. At that time, the Aerith murder scene didn't really affect me. Years later, after reading more about how much of a topic that scene had become, I still remember being confused by this and thinking, "I'm glad it wasn't Tifa". Maybe I'm just that superficial that I would find the relationship with the large bosom-ed, tough, cool girl to be more interesting than the modest, woe-is-me, precious girl - then again, I was in high school then.

I haven't played FFVII since 1998. I'm always afraid to go back to it because it seems like it won't hold up - I go back to FFVI every few years and really enjoy that, but tired FFX again and found it impenetrable (I enjoyed both of these games when they came out). I'll have to give FFVII another try soon, after all it is my second most favorite game of all time (yeah, I was one of those it effected for an entire decade).

Once again, great post!

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Uh uh uh uh uh – Ryan’s description of the New Yorker article quote.

Drew’s trip to North Korea

Ryan & Jeff as the living statues during some Kinect game Quick Look.

Almost any of the “Flight Club” videos.

Train Simulator – ghost train

Will Smith mispronouncing "executable"

Braking Brad, Mile High Club

The guest on the after-E3 show that refused to be correct about her mistaken announcement that Activision spent $700 million to rent out the Staples center. Not sure who that was, or when it happened, but it sticks in my mind as one of the funniest moments.

Metal Gear Scanlon – Everything in these videos is gold.

The ending of Mario Party Party 3

The Velvet Sunset Quick Look (Fuck off Boyle!)

Ryan drinking the breast milk at PAX

And, this:


Lastly, if you want a quick roundup of the best of Giant Bomb, go to this Youtube channel:


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Very sad to see you leaving. I loved your content and the personality that you brought to Giant Bomb.

I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. I'm guessing you're going independent from the sounds of things. You'll do well.

Take it from someone that has found success at something I don't really like doing; you'll be happier doing what you like to do even if it might not reward you monetarily. Stick to what you like to do!

You rock PK!

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Awesome list Patrick! It reminded me of some games that I had forgotten about, but wanted to get to sometime. I'll have to go check them out now. I hope 2015 is great for you!

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Awesome article Patrick.

“I’m trying to go towards the uncloneable games,”

With this final quote in the article, I think there could be further research and thought about big budget games that produce clones that attempt to ride their popularity wave, and the length of that popularity wave compared to the smaller popularity lengths of mobile games. Is there less damage done to big budget games, by clones, because people pay attention to them longer than a mobile puzzle game? Or do some mobile games stay popular as long as big budget games?

Either way, I found this quote interesting. I'm interested to see what type of game he will make in the future.

All the luck to those developers that lose business due to the greed and laziness of other.

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I'd like to say it would would be great to see more nodes to others in the industry in games. Or, would the novelty ware off? Either way it's great to see these things. The Ryan pic obviously more than a node, and more of a memorial.

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Good stuff, as always, Patrick.

I would say that Phil is the victim here and has the rite to respond as he wishes. Yeah he didn't choose the silent-hero option; he responded just like we've expected from Phil. That's also why we like Phil and the media seeks his opinion. I like Phil's reaction. Beer abused a moment in the spotlight surrounded by his followers. What he said was childish and irrelevant, but that's what happens when Beer gets going. At other times, what he say is intelligent and relevant.

I only hope the Phil uses this as fuel to focus on Fez 2 and releases another gem. The best revenge is always to live happily. Phil, don't punish your fans by giving in to misgiven criticism.

Lets see some Fez X Braid. Hah, that'd be cool.