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Halo meets Prime 0

I'm a little late to the Halo 4 review circuit, but maybe I can give you a different look at Halo 4. Because I've only had time to play the campaign, and I don't normally do well at Halo multiplayer, this review will only cover the campaign.Let me say first off that I am a Halo fan. I didn't think I ever would be. In fact I used to be a hater until I finally played the first Halo when the 360 first came out. I'm no longer a hater now and I try to get my non-Halo playing friends to join in too.I ...

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From a Non-Fan of Gangster Games 0

I just finished Sleeping Dogs. Literally minutes ago. I'm writing this review as the credits roll. Don't worry, this won't be a review done shooting from the hip; I've been taking notes through the play-through and I'm prepared to give my opinion on one of this year's biggest sleeper hits.I don't normally play games like this - open world, gangster games. I tried the Grand Theft Auto series years ago and just couldn't get into it. A friend let me borrow Yakuza 3 to try. Given my various connecti...

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A letter Review to 10000000 0

10000000,Thank you for the great time we spent together last week. I had so much fun! I'd heard a lot about you from others and was very excited that you gave me the chance to hang out. I'll admit I didn't know what to expect from our meeting, but I was excited nonetheless.Those first few moments we were together were a little awkward weren't they? But, you were kind and showed me how to act. After that, I felt that I had the best time that I've had all year. I saw potential in this budding rela...

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The Walking Dead Review: I'm not fond of zombie games 0

Let me start by saying that I've never been a big fan of the horror genre. Whether it is movies, books, or video games, I generally avoided them. Other than the popular installments in the Resident Evil series, I haven't played any zombie games. Why? Because I get light headed when I see gory things and scary movies truly freak me out.But, I had heard so many good things about The Walking Dead game, and I had just picked up a new iPad and wanted to see what the iOS gaming scene was like. I didn'...

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