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Wow, this is the 4th delay for this game. Spring 2011, then Summer 2011, then Fall 2011....never fucking mind 2011. I wonder if they are hiring better project managers.

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GMG is legit although it's based in Europe, so anything other than Steam games maybe questionable due to region locking/censorship, etc. Bought DXHR with a 30% discount on release day.

I might hit this up.

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@SpaceRunaway: I'm using the Gold-Hemmed robe set for armor, and for rings I'm using Ring of Steel Protection and the Gold Serpent Ring.

That has little to now armour at all. What class are you. I bet you take shit tons of damage with each hit.

I don't really get the stats on armor in this game. The robes have higher PhysDef than any other armor set I have other than Black Iron Armor. What armor would you suggest using, I'm trying to avoid any that causes slow rolls.

Also, does anyone have any tips for killing Lautrec? His dual sickles go right through my shield while his buddies are just pests that get in the way.

Run circless around the room i.e. go up the stair, and take pot shots at Lautrec as he climbs up or drop stab him. Running around will keep the three guys in a single file rather than gang up on you. Just keep whittling down his health.

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Your stats are fine.

You can swap out the gold serpent ring for this fight. I would actually take the silver one for the extra 20% soul increase over the gold for boss fights.

Get a good shield i.e. Eagle Shield, that has high stability and good lightning resistance. Fire-based weapons are your friends, the Quelaag Fury Sword is a good to use. Pryomancy is also a huge plus.

You can summon Solaire for this fight. The summoning sign is on the left stairs as you approach the fog, but make sure to kill the giant stone dude/annoying arrow guy first. Also, a lot of people put summoning signs down for this fight. So, "Need Humanity." Although most people are usually between SL 50-60.

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There is no right or wrong way. There's a less than hard way and then a hard way. You took a shortcut to the swamp. You're actually closer to your objective than you think. You want to go back to the first swamp campfire.

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There are so many factors: what major you plan to go into, your current financial situation, what college you plan on go to, etc.

A lot of people will do community to finish up GE then transfer to a 4-year, as it's cheap. Some majors though require classes even as a first-year that can't be take elsewhere meaning even if you did community then transfer, the result is you'll be behind other people who stuck it out through the first two at a 4-year.

Personally, I think most people, especially those that don't know what they want to do, who finish high school should take a year off before college (gap year) and figure out what they plan on doing. College isn't for everyone. I know people who are "lifetime" students because they can't figure out what they want to do.

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They are regular mobs. They are slow so just stay close and circle around them. If they use the slow effect, just keep your shield up, stay in close, and circle until it wears off. Also, fight only one at a time.

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@awe_stuck: No, also this trick does not work. The dragon is not using it's tail to heal. Whatever it is doing involves it's wings as it covers up in them to heal. I just tried this like 5 more times since reading this thread and tail or not it will still heal. The second method involving the tower does not work either as you can never see the dragon when you are up there.

It does work.

What I did was clear the room with the rats then moved to the edge. You'll get a clear shot at his head. When you hit his head, he'll move to the bridge, which allows for 3/4 shots then move back to the ledge. When he flies back to the ledge, shoot his head again. When you do this you have to be quick, you can shoot his head as he's landing which will prevent him from healing. If you take your time, he may end up healing. Once you get the rhythm going, it's fairly simple.

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What a fucking lame conference...Why even stream this shit if it was meant for investors? It was all talk no show. Your in an interactive medium, why the hell would you talk shit up but not show anything. At least the E3 had games being played, even the Vita announcement had trailers being shown. What the hell was this for?

They had a huge positive lead in only to screw it up. Sony, or at least SCEJ, needs to fire their stupid PR department. Nintendo got better traction with an ugly accessory.

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I love the people ripping on the team for not fact checking - without even knowing what they are talking about and essentially getting it wrong. PC is digital-control only. Brad wasn't talking about the aiming. The analog swings are more like the Daggerfall combat system. Which is kinda weird considering the weekend live stream show. Actually the Daggerfall system is probably the best way to do that type of control on a mouse+keyboard setup. A little lazy that they didn't get it into Dead Island.

No, I'm pretty sure he said you could neither aim nor use analog combat. I'm not going to say it as definitively as the others did though cause I wasn't paying the closest attention to that QL.

I'm pretty certain he said you can't lock on, which you can't in digital.  Even in your video you can see the crosshairs jumping everywhere.  Obviously, you can aim simply by looking, but you most definitely can not lock on.  And the analog control means that you can swing the weapon switch ever way you want.  In digital, when you swing a bat with no zombies around all you can do is swing left to right/right to left, whereas with analog you can push up/down and have them do a down swing or down/up and do an uppercut.