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Man, I just bought the first one because of the Steam deal.  I got to say all the complaints about it are extremely valid.  There is so much potential there for a truly awesome game.  It looks like AC2 address all those issues, especially swimming...

I'm hoping that with the inclusion of swimming, we'll get the ability to do some stealth kills in water like grabbing a guy off a pier or tackling a dude into the water to kill him by drowning or something else.

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WTF is up with MS fanboys.  Get a hold of yourselves for christsakes...

FFXIV is online.  It's a sequel to FFXI, that's all.  It's not like Square isn't allowed to have another series going on at the same time as FFXIII, which I recalled last year having every MS fanboy even those that now say they don't like the game claiming WIN!!1!!1!.

Also, you don't have to buy the new PSP Go! assuming your even interested in a PSP.  Talk about fake outrage...for peeksakes.  The old PSPs will work with any new download service that Sony puts out.  So, yes, you can go ahead and buy that older PSP that cost about half as much and still experience the same stuff.

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I remember seeing Splinter Cell Conviction as a movie, it was called Taken.

Anyway, awkward....we already saw this.  It would have been good if they showed the alternative routes from the Microsoft Press Conference.

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MrKlorox said:
Th3dz said: the 360 pad is the optimal gamepad for PC it's perfect and so great to code for too! ... [more]
Is it really that bad?  I played with one the other day and it didn't seem that bad at all.
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I want to take you for a ride!!! As horrible as that is, and not too fond of the game itself...I can't get it out of my head.

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My speculation/analysis/prediction is that it's most likely a PSP-4K model rather than a PSP2 (it's pretty much given in the response i.e. "no new hardware"):

1. Sony already has their own ISO loader on their firmware.  It's been known for a long time.  Meaning digital distribution has been something they've probably been aiming for for a long time.  With the iPhone pimping it's App Store and the DSi going DSiWare, Sony is going to have to make a move.  Sony will probably also try to bring new developers into the fold to develop smaller games ala WiiWare, DSiWare, X360 Arcade, PSN downloadable content on the PSP.

2. If people don't want to settle for having to download games, simply buy an older PSP model.  All models of the current PSP (1K to 3K) are able to play downloadable game content thanks to Sony's implementation of the ISO loader.  Those older models are not going to be left out in the cold.  This allows Sony and game developers to save money, physical games that are on the shelf that aren't selling cost them money.  The negative to this is that if Sony had outsourced the pressing of UMDs, those manufacturers are going to be pretty pissed off.  In addition, without proper protection this could facilitate a huge increase in piracy on the handheld, which is already a major problem.

3. Sony game kiosks.  Sony will most likely be distributing kiosks to stores/malls to allow for those people without any internet service to load games onto their memory stick.  With the ability to log into your PSN account to see a list of downloaded games allowing users to maintain their games and redownload any game they've purchased, something already established on the console market.  This also allows Sony and game developers to cripple trade-in stores like GameStop.

4. Sony will lower the price of memory sticks.  The trend is already going that way.  Lowering the cost or even including a sizable MS (let's say 4 gb) to the SKU of the UMD-less PSP would facilitate a smoother transistion to digital distribution.