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The game is still buggy as hell.  It's a shame that this game is complete port even though they went on record to say it wasn't...what a load of shit!!  All they did was put out a patch to gloss over the dev debug stuff, but it's still the dev debug build.  They couldn't even bother to version up their patch numbering so the game is still reading version 1.0 and now the dlc for preordering is broken.  Sadly enough, I still don't think this was the worst release of a game ever.

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@benjaebe said:
PC launch version issues. It'll be sorted out by Friday at the latest. They pushed out a buggy, unfinished version and are having a hell of a time trying to play catch up. It takes time for Steam to certify content that they make available so it might be out today, might be out by Friday (according to their Facebook page.)
That's not what they meant by "Friday."  What they're saying is that other countries will have the correct version when it's release Friday.  The U.S. got it yesterday, but it was the dev version.  They've stated that they were going to release a patch then also stated that the correct version will be released today.  The patch has been relased, but now my issue is if they are actually going to be releasing the PC version, or if this is the PC version (note that the code actually has the Xbox 360 submission tag) and they just patched over the debug mode.
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You can capture an enemy node.  It'll automatically get any treasures for the hack map.
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To answer the question at hand, you're looking for DDR3 memory preferrably at 1333 mhz since that's what on the system right now.

Now, a bit off-topic.
Why do you think more RAM would help make games run better?  I can tell you right now that you should probably buy a better video card first before worrying about more RAM.  4 GB is plenty for most games, but that video card is on the low-med side.

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Because stupid people get their panties in a bunch.  They only want to titty twist the original 4 even when any addition makes perfect fucking sense i.e. Alex, or is totally fucking awesome i.e. Patrick.  They can't stand change.  The addition of interns actually doing shit makes them go apeshit.

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That has got to be a joke.  A clear villain in FFIX!?  Seriously, they threw in twists just because they could.  And that last boss...WTF.  Lame.
I feel like people pick IX as a favorite simply because it isn't VII or VIII.  The only good thing about IX was the optional boss.  Everything else was meh.
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Yup, last I heard they totally dumped it because production went into trouble.
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False. I n fact they finished a week long beta last month but development is going at a terribly slow pace so I wouldn't be surprised if it IS actually canceled in the future. 

Whoa.  Well, that's weird.  I heard production had stalled.  Man...
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It was free.  Why wouldn't I?

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I can't say for 1080p, but It runs it at 1680x1050 extremely well.  No noticeable lag for me.  I'm running ultra with DX11.  Also, no issues what so ever with my GTX 590.

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It just hit me today that Torchlight 2 had been delayed from it's Spring release to July and now it's looking like it won't even be making it during the summer.  It also seems like there has been less and less coverage which has seriously killing my interest in this game.  It's the weird "Duke" effect where if a game gets delayed multiple times, you know there are issues with it and the outcome is probably not going to be pretty.  If this gets pushed to Diablo 3 release territory then it's highly unlikely I'll even be giving it a shot.  It's a damn shame, it could have been a wonderful lead-in to Diablo 3.