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It's better than having the imaged stretched and deformed.
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Yea the default is to let your monitor do the scaling, which for most monitors means it stretches.  This is the only way I play Warcraft 3, since the game doesn't have higher 16:10/16:9 resolutions.  It's a staple feature.

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@golguin:  Simple.  Show the controller next to the console first?
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The hardcore games were from other console.  And this one is a year and a half way?  Why wouldn't I already be buying a 360/PS3 at probably a much lower cost for those games?
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Anyone else thought that when they pulled EA out they were going to talk about their online service?  I was expecting to announcing the partnership with Origin.

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They already did.  Streaming Lair on the PSP and the PS3.  The Vita would be able to do this too if Sony chooses.  If developers incorporate these features to the WiiU expect it to show up as additional features for the Vita/PS3.
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Don't you find it weird that 5 of the 6 you listed were console games being ported to a handheld?  It's the exact argument you're using against the Vita i.e. games you would rather play on a console.
Zelda OoT - N64, Gamecube, Wii
Metal Gear Solid 3 - PS2, PS3, possibly Vita
Cave Story - PC, Wii
Star Fox - N64
RE: Mercs - 360, PS3, PC (RE5), Gamecube, Wii, PS2 (RE4)
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I'm still confused on what you guys keep believing Patrick is wrong about.
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@Esten said:
I think it's great when he fills in the empty space when one of the regular four is absent. Like a lot of you have said, we do not want to spoil the great chemestry that already is.  However, I was sceptical when Brad and VInny joined as well, and I couldn't possibly have been more wrong!   Partick is a great guy.
Why would you even be skeptical about Brad and Vinny?  All four of them have been do this stuff together way before Giantbomb.  It's also why I'm confused people getting all uptight about Alex doing stuff for the Giantbomb site, he is also part of the original crew.
Patrick fits in well and is extremely knowledgeable.  If not for the entire ~2 hours, the very least he could do is jump in for the news section.
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Okay, is just me or does it sound like this controller might kill off the 3DS?  It's essentially another handheld device.  If I had a choice between the 3DS or the Wii2 with a portable controller/handheld, it's an easy choice to make.  The 3DS is already having issues placing itself as a 'must have' device.