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All the article is saying is that the old games will be able to use the second analog thanks to emulation.  I'm confused on why you believe they will receive additional functionality.
The remapping of controls can be done through emulation and it can probably be done on a game-by-game basis.  All you have to do is take a look at PS1 games on PSP that use R2/L2 buttons remapped on the d-pad to understand what they will do with the older games.  For example, the Monster Hunter games have camera controls mapped on the d-pad.  This can easily be remapped to the second analog.  Resistance: Retribution had the camera controls on the button faces, which again can be remapped to the second analog sticks.
So, no the existing games do not have to be programmed to take advantage of the second analog stick.  The emulator can be programmed to remap those functions.
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Removable helmets.  Seriously, how is it that they had this option in 1, but not in 2?  WTF.

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People keep saying Zelda.  Yea...no thx.  But it's literally the same game that has been ported to every other Nintendo console after the n64 does not warrant a purchase from me.  I'm waiting on good original content.

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All the chests are pretty early in the game and contain nothing.  Yea, it sucks that they don't spell it out for you, but a little research on it will allow you to avoid it easily.  Plus, there are other ways to obtain the weapon.
FFIX with the stupid beat the game in under an impossible time to get the strongest weapon in the game.  They made so ridiculously hard that you had to use a physical cheat to skip FMVs so you could beat the game in time.
FFV with opening a wolf in jail will end up with missing chests.
FFVI with Shadow dying on the floating continent.
It's a staple of Final Fantasy games.
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What a horrible thread title.  CONFIRMED???  Where is it confirmed?  Until Sony actually confirms it, it's all rumors.
Also, as stated, I'm not a person who wants to play $1 casual games.  Until Apple and Google take mobile gaming seriously enough to push for high quality titles then it's all meh to me.  The bonus of the NGP is that it'll probably end up having both "hardcore" and "casual" games with better controls.  The best of both world. 

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Using one of the mentioned CMS i.e. Wordpress, Drupal, etc and WYSIWYG programs are nice, but to truly get your site going the right way, you'll need to learn some coding.  Even using CMS and pre-made themes, you'll want to go into the code to make the themes into your vision of how the site should look.  These CMSes are great because they automate a lot of the background stuff that you may not want to deal with i.e. databases and such. 
If you don't want to use a CMS, you can try to do everything from scratch, but that also means that you'll need to learn PHP, HTML, and Javascript for programming (although as stated, you'll need to learn this stuff to truly make a unique site) and database design if you want to work with dynamic content.
I would also highly recommend playing with something like WAMP, MAMP, or LAMP.  These programs are actually aggregates of multiple programs that allow you to work on a local server on your computer i.e. you won't need a hosting service when working on a website.

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@KaosAngel said:
" Monster Hunter is already confirmed for the NGP, Sony isn't stupid to let that go.  MHP sells like COD in Japan. "
That's only the PSP version so far.  They haven't announced a new one at all.
It makes sense for them to do a 3DS MH, but the controls are going to be horrible.  It's already horrible on the PSP.  Dual analog stick.
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@Turambar said:
" Sandal will be a playable mage in the next game.  Mark my words. "
He'll be the main antagonist.  
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You're talking about the fight with the rocket launchers? 
You need need to do more damage before you hold him down.  I think it takes two rockets + combos to make him weak enough to be held then you mash the button.

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FFXII was a return to form for the series.  It wasn't about some ridiculous romance shit that plagued 7,8,9 and 10.  Even Vaan, annoying as hell, wasn't emo about what was going on around them.
The combat was definitely the highlight of the game though.  It was so good that Bioware literally plucked it out for Dragon Age.  It's simple, efficient, and effective.