My Top Ten Games Of 2013

2013 was an interesting year for me. I signed up for premium membership on this site for the first time this year and tried to become a bit more active on the forums. Also, I built a pc for the first time (IT DIDN'T BREAK! WAHOO!) and got a Wii U. I have also played a lot of games and more than I have in many years. And boy did I have some great experiences. So I wanted to make my top 10 list and of course I procrastinated on it until forcing my sober ass to get to work. Now I've been dealing with children all day and am exhausted so forgive what may be extremely boring write-ups (I swear it is because I'm so tired and not because I'm such a boring human being in general) for each entry. Having a little trouble focusing but I hope that people enjoy what I have written. There are a few games that I missed out on (ACIV, Metal Gear Rising) that I hope to play in the future but time just ran out to complete these I was busy with lots of Dark Souls.

List items

Posted by amlabella

Can't really argue with any of those choices, nicely done. Not surprised to see The Swapper in the top spot, it will probably be pretty high up on my list too. But you only named 8 games better than Brothers... Brad was right! I guess it's up to me now (hint: Brothers is not in my top 10).

Posted by jiggajoe14

I actually axed GTA V from my list originally but decided to bring it back on after deliberating for around an hour lol.