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I was strolling down a road when I suddenly heard battle music, but I couldn't see anything. Suddenly I was attacked by something I couldn't see. Thought "hey, let's try igniting it". And it was a invisible kahjiit. Giev invisibility.

Also: Mammoths and dragon skeletons falling from the sky. Hilarious.

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Do like me. If someone insults you or laughs at you just don't care. So what if some losers in life have it so bad that they have to be bad against others. Life is too short to go around thinking about what others say about you every day, because everybody talks behind your back and call you things and judge you for what you look like and not how you are. "The world is cold, cynical and unfair. Deal with it!" - what my dad told me when I was 9.

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Naughty Dog


Warner bros

level 5

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@NickL said:

I'm dying to find out if it is good or not...

Same. People and their grandmas are hyping this game so much it better be good.

Kinda worried about buggs and glitches as well.

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@fetchfox: 4playerpodcast on justin tv is streaming it. You could watch it there.
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@valrog: Already did it! The ps3 version will have a snake cameo and nathan drake playable character. Tehre will also be an extra sex scene with Elena from UC. The xbox version will have cameos from master chief and marcus fenix. And there will be an extra sex scene with Marcus fenix from gears.
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"there is another *insert last name here*" 

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Nice preview. I really hope rare makes another Conker game ;O. I also wonder what 4 new ps3 games Sony is announcing on E3.

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UC 3 has more potential to win than BUGrim (see what I did there?). It's just like Oblivion again. We are waiting for a elder scrolls game that's supposedly better than Morrowind....yeah right. Also: Bethesda needs to get better at checking for bugs!

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I just bought SC 2 for the campaign. I see no reason to play MP since I suck in competitive gaming.