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#1 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

So happy this is happening and pleasantly surprised at the positive response I've seen, not just here, but in other outlets as well.

#2 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

@likeassur: Because creating something (artistic or otherwise) is often soul-crushing. That's just the truth of it. You work doing the things you're passionate about, and in the game dev world, what you're passionate about often has strict deadlines that need to be met. It's a stressful emotional rollercoaster and a lot of the time you question if you still love what you're doing.

#3 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

@generic_username: More, and more I find myself trying to avoid the comment section. I thought GB would draw less of it, but I'm consistently proven wrong.

#4 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

@somejerk: and then there are the rest of us that wouldn't get to experience games like Far Cry 3, or Rogue Legacy, or Sleeping Dogs, The Witcher 2, or any of the other amazing games I've picked up on Steam sales otherwise.

It's not that I don't find value in paying full price for a game. I'm in the Starbound beta right now. I grab as many games as I can afford at full price. The fact that I can't afford to just plop down $20 or more, multiple times a month for things that I would love to play doesn't mean that I'm waiting for sales because I just want a deal. Steam sales allow me to take part in the hobby that I love, and right now, I owe a shit ton of student loan debt.

If I could buy games at full price, believe me, I would. I think it's ridiculous to think that people who participate in game sales are "special". I also usually participate in Humble Bundles. Because I like that I can put the full amount into charity and I also usually get some cool games out of it.

It's pretentious to come at this from the standpoint of "I don't wait for sales and the people who do are total dumb twats." Not everyone who waits for sales would have bought these games otherwise.

#5 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

@sergio: to be honest, I think @bobservo misses the point of the sentiment. I can see someone using an article about social justice as click bait because those articles tend to be controversial, and as such, people will click on them. And there is a pretty large segment of the internet that will click them just to argue for/against in the comments. If you're the runner of an ad-revenued website, controversial click bait COULD actually make you rich.

I'm not even saying we shouldn't focus on social injustice. Just saying that it seems like an obvious thing that people could use it as click bait.

#6 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

I'm Frank Frankly, and this is the XBox One.

#7 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

@grandizer: You make some extremely valid points. Video games are a business, yes. It's also an industry that many of my friends work in. I hate to see layoffs due to piracy, or mismanagement, or whatever the reason. I think some of the vitriol aimed at MS is a bit ridiculous myself.

However, I won't be buying the new system. I'm not mad. I don't hate MS. It's just not worth it for me to put money into something that seems to be so anti-consumer. I don't like that Kinect is required (some of that is my inner Orwellian conspiracy theorist coming out), I don't like that it has a required connection (whatever that may end up being), and I don't like the amount of emphasis MS is putting on things that aren't playing games. Also, the way they're dismissing backwards compatibility shows a lack of respect for the people buying their products.

As I said, I'm not mad at MS. They just haven't showed me anything I'm interested in, so I will be voting with my money. I might have to admit to myself that console gaming isn't for me any more if this is the way of the future.

#8 Edited by JillSammich (105 posts) -

Is anyone REALLY surprised? It's pretty shitty, yes, but not surprising.

#9 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

@funkasaurasrex said:

Also, hadn't they planned to bring Hotline: Miami to Mac months ago? Is that still a thing that's happening?

$10 says the Sony port comes before the Mac port does. At this point, I believe they're just trolling Mac users.

#10 Posted by JillSammich (105 posts) -

On a totally unrelated note, Hitman: Absolution is on sale at Gamestop for $40. :P

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