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This shit is fascinating. Great job scoops!

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First Metroid game in four years, and you want another fucking Metroid Prime game, Patrick?!?!

I am unsubscribing from this website if you end up getting that.

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Now You See Me.

I give it a fuck you/5. Holy shit. Okay okay, so it wasn't terrible, but I feel like the ending was one giant pile of bullshit. I get how the whole movie was supposed to be one giant "misdirection" and as the audience member you're supposed to take leaps of faith throughout the whole thing and blahblahblah. I mean, for fuck's sake, the movie wouldn't stop shoving the idea down your fucking throat. But man, I don't know. It was just plain dumb. I feel like the amount of bs you're asked to swallow easily becomes waaaaaaaay too much the moment you even begin to think about the whole thing.

Before we were even halfway through I said to my friend: "Alright, that's one load of bullshit too many this movie expects me to just swallow". Can't remember which event it was specifically, since it never slows down and just keeps throwing completely unbelievable crap at you. The whole movie has this extremely annoying vibe to it, like it suffers from a severe case of ADHD. I can barely think of a single scene where the camera stayed still for more than a split second. For me, stuff like that can make a movie damn near unwatchable. So yeah, "fuck you" is a good grade. How that script got greenlit is completely baffling.

Duuuuuuuude fuck that trash-ass movie. On a related note, I could not be more fucking sick of Jesse Eisenberg's schtick.

Only reason I could stomach the whole thing was Dave Franco doing his thing and Isla Fisher being adorable. And Common showing up for a bit was cool too, I guess. Don't know why you get rappers in a movie for the purpose of being one-dimensional bit characters, though.

Oh, and last movie I watched was Computer Chess. Not in to mumblecore, but it was entertaining enough to hold my attention for 90 minutes. 3/5.

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Incredible. Can't wait to get it on blu-ray so I can pick it apart like all my favorite scorcese films.

The guy earlier in the thread talking about the switch where MS shows you how much of a monster Belfort is when he beats the shit out of his wife is dead-on. Genius move.

But honestly, I saw that and American Hustle the day before yesterday, and I enjoyed American Hustle more. The performances in that movie are just freaking beautiful.

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It's probably some sort of remote-controlled drone. Unless Skynet is happening with this shit.

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Y'all motherfuckers are crazy. Hip-hop's fine right now.

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So, no support on 360? My family just got a 3D tv, been having a lot of fun fucking around with it lately. A

Dredd 3D. All's I'm saying.

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Saints Row IV is the fucking best, you guys. You know what I'm talking about.

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I guess I should get around to reading that Red October paperback that's been sitting on my desk for a year, then.