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My favorite quest is the one where the lady fucking shoots herself after she hears Scooter's love poem. It was just a great moment where me and my three friends were just all saying: "There's no fucking way that's going happen, that would be TOO fucked up", then it did, and we all just burst out laughing.

Probably my favorite moment of the game is the part where Jack delivers the speech about the guy with the spoon. God damn, Daemon Clark is pretty incredible. Jack is hilarious when he's supposed to be, and down-right terrifying other times. Great character, in my opinion.

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@believer258: Yes, and after another half hour playing it I feel its entirely warranted to call it out for its attitude towards violence. Main example that stands out, if you attempt to stealth kill a dog he knocks it unconscious and the words "Hound" and "Slumber" appear to assure the player you didn't just kill a dog. The default takedown for humans? Stabbing them through the neck. That seems a little weird to me. This game just doesn't seem to want you to NOT kill guys, they designed all those graphic kill animations afterall (and played some Shank 2 last night too, Klei just seems to love morbid violence without any of those unseamly consequences).

Man, that dog didn't have a choice.

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It looks like it does, but I'm really not sure because the game doesn't make it very clear. Just thought it would be useful information for my newly started classic ironman run. Any tips for that would also be useful.

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3. In an interview, Tarantino stated that Broomhilda von Shaft is supposed to be the great-great grandmother of Shaft. Thought I'd share that in case you guys hadn't heard, because I thought it was fucking great.

4. He also stated that this film was targeted at people that will see it on cable tv 15-to-20 years from now since that's how he viewed all the classic spaghetti westerns. I also thought that was amazing and I feel like I can totally see it in the film.

That's dope as fuck. Both of those facts are amazing.

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(keep in mind what you say in response will not at all sway my decision one way or another)

This ought to be an interesting discussion, then.

Just a joke, it obviously could. I'm just pretty dead-set on this.

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I NEVER buy special editions of games. The most I've done in that direction is buying the collectors editions of all three Mass Effect games, which for the most part was okay. The ME3 one was severely lacking, but all of those eighty dollar specials from EA have been terribad anyway. With that said, I am pretty positive that I'm going to be purchasing the hundred-dollar edition of Colonial Marines. Why the hell would I do that, you ask?

Well, I am way, way, way into Aliens. I saw the movie when I was twelve and it has been my favorite thing ever and I have loved it unconditionally ever since. Seriously, I quote that movie on a daily basis, and I got god-damned giddy when I saw how many quotes from the film were on the achievement list for CM. It was slightly pathetic.

I love all the shit they're cramming into this box, like the dossiers, the recruitment brochures, the blueprints, the certificates, the sonic-electronic ball-breakers...it's all shit that I would probably not give half a fuck about with any other game, but the fact that it's all related to my favorite film of all time and obviously crafted and selected by people that love it as much as I do, it looks great. I could probably do without the statue, but it's a cool bonus. I just don't like how they feel the need to pull the Ghostbusters video game thing and re-create all the stuff from the film. Hopefully the sequence where you drive a power-loader will actually make sense in the game, that shit in the movie was purely out of necessity-

...Yeah, I'll stop before this gets too long. Am I a sheep that is a slave to meaningless memorabilia from a 80s sci-fi sequel that watered-down the stakes of its predecessor with dumb action? Yes, I absolutely am. Should I buy this?

(keep in mind what you say in response will not at all sway my decision one way or another)

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I saw it today. It's a great film. Also up there among Tarantino films for me too.

I think it's, along with "Basterds", his most easily watchable film yet. The story is simple but effective. And goddamn is Christoph Waltz an amazing actor. He was a revelation in Inglourious Basterds and manages to top that performance in Django.

I don't believe he can top that. This means I NEED to see Django this weekend.

You do.

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@jillsandwich: Have you checked out the OST? I don't remember specifically what song was playing during that specific scene, but it seems pretty complete.

Yeah, I bought the soundtrack on Amazon, and I've been trying to figure out what it was. Honestly, I was in such a delirious state of pleasure watching that scene that I probably wouldn't recognize the music if I wasn't seeing that guy getting shot in the kneecaps like twelve times.

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So, I saw it yesterday and it blew my fucking mind. I hate to be hyperbolic(even though I always am), but it's up there in my favorite Tarantino movies.

What did you guys think of it, and please someone tell me what music was playing during the shootout What did you guys think of it, and please someone tell me what song was playing during

the shootout inside Candie's plantation(not the one where Django returns, the one where he eventually surrenders).

I need to know.