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I never bothered to buy Left 4 Dead since by the time I thought about getting it, most of my friends had already stopped playing it. I if I can find it for $12 though, I might just have to pick it up. On the other hand, maybe I should just wait for Left 4 Dead 2...

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WOW ! Sounds like your having fun with all those games, great to see an update on what you are doing.  :-)  I went to Best Buy to pick up Infinite Undiscovery a while back when it was on sale and they were all sold out...

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I bet you did dent that box, and are lying : P

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Man, you're one of the best bloggers on the site. Great vid.

The World Ends With You is awesome. Definitely get into that.

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I heard Infinite Undiscovery is not that long and its only about 20 hours long or so according to reviews.  It seems everyone is getting Blazblue.  Would like to get it myself if it were out here but no sign of it and no sign of a release date yet.  Enjoy your games.

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You disappoint me, sir.  Infinite Undiscovery?  I rented that game, played it for maybe 60 minutes, then decided I did not like it.  Last Remnant is much better, although time consuming as fucking hell.

S - U - I - K - O - D - E - N - 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be sure and slap you upside the head if you have not finished Suikoden 2 by the time I see you at PAX.  Be prepared!

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Left 4 Dead, we need to play that together.
Quite a surprise that you got Saints Row 2... but, once again, we need to play that too.