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Posted by jimb0

    This is a thing that I made about a trip that I took.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Great video!

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

@jimb0: This is super, super awesome. Fantastic editing, and the video quality is amazing. How long would you say it took you to put this together?

Posted by TonicBH

I was there. I saw posing man-Misty. And that was a sleek video.

Posted by PeasantAbuse

Awesome video. 
Did you get a Cock-N-Balls from VooDoo Doughnuts? 

Posted by AllThatBacon

Who would live in a house with such creepy gnomes out front? OH THATS RIGHT! ME!

Posted by Sweep

Exceptional :D

Posted by jimb0
@LiquidSwords: Well thanks! 
@Vito_Raliffe: Thanks so much! Those lil' GoPro cameras are pretty nifty, aren't they?? I probably spent a good 10 hours editing at least. I'm not really sure, I get sucked in and lose track of time!  
@TonicBH: You sure were! Still can't believe how perfect that worked out. 
@PeasantAbuse: Thanks! Haha, not this time. I never had a Maple Bacon Bar so I snagged one this go around. Soooo gooood. 
@Kenshin: Your mom is so proud of her gnomes, I can respect that. 
@Sweep: Much Appreciated!
Posted by DeeGee

That was fantastic, great work man!

Have a follow.

Posted by Surkov

Great work! The editing was great and the music fit. I would have liked to see bit more of PAX, but I still enjoyed it. 

Posted by jimb0
@DeeGee: Why thank ya! 
@Surkov: Thanks! Yeah, I had a ton more PAX footage I should have crammed in there. As much as I love the sensory overload of PAX though, I found myself wandering around Seattle a bunch this year and enjoying the road trip up from Portland so I decided to include more of that for this. Such wonderful cities!
Posted by Marino

@jimb0: Really cool video. From the view of Seattle's skyline, you must've been just a few rooms away from me and maybe up or down a couple floors.

Posted by jimb0
@Marino: Right on! 27th floor of the Sheraton here. Solid location.
Posted by Marino

@jimb0: Yep. I was on 26. I stayed at the Crowne the first two years that I went, but there's really no other option after staying at the Sheraton.

Posted by Claude

That was big and small at the same time. Great job.

Posted by AgentJ

Awesome video, fantastic editing. Just a shame you have to come up from Portland! Just move up here! (Sounders > Timbers)

Posted by jimb0
@Claude: You're too kind. Thanks a bunch!
@AgentJ: Haha, Voodoo makes it allllll worth it.
Posted by 7Force

You always use the most awesome music in your videos, It was you who first put me onto Ratatat, and Octopus Project rocks balls!

Posted by jimb0
@7Force: That's too cool! I dig me some music!