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Since Ryan threw a seven. The only one before that was Ben Throttle, which I had since launch.

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Paddy O'Furniture

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I've never had American style pseudo-mustard but I always imagine it to be terrible? If you can eat more than ~1 atom of it in one go without your face going on fire then it doesn't count as mustard imo.

Ketchup is nice, but let's face it, it's nice because it's totally loaded with sugar. It's basically tomato jam.

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I backed it. I guess I'm about 15 hours in - I'd say it's solid rather than outstanding so far. The environmental aspect is great but as soon as you 'get it', and are levelling with it in mind, it's pretty easy to abuse. I would say difficulty balance seems to be at 'engaging' rather than 'challenging', having had to use maybe 3-4 res scrolls in that time. I haven't found any of the mechanics to be especially obtuse, though some things could be made a little clearer and the UI could certainly be better.

Combat and variety are clearly the game's strong suits, but I find it quite significantly undermined by the (lack of) characters and story so far. I like the game, but in my head it's more in the Dungeon Siege and Neverwinter Nights 1 category rather than alongside Baldur's Gate. Playing it is fun enough, but it hasn't really sucked me in and made me care about what is going on yet.

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You're saying that imperial can be just as good as metric, as long as you disregard how imperial works and replace it with how metric works? That's exactly the sort of argument I'd expect from someone who champions the imperial system!

I have to use both for work (unfortunately both systems are still very much in use in the UK and will be for the forseeable future). For very basic tasks (measuring, cutting) I'd agree that imperial is fine, and possibly even superior to metric in that it's quite intuitive and basically impossible to confuse 8ths, inches, feet etc. As soon as you have to do anything requiring even basic math then metric becomes immediately and obviously easier to work with.

Is imperial really still being used for serious scientific / engineering work in the US? That would surprise me. I can understand it still being used by craftsmen though, as it's just as good for that, and there are obviously legacy issues too in a lot of cases if you do switch.

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Not felt like I've needed to own any of them yet. I'll probably get a PS4 eventually.

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Giant Bomb should hire that guy.

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Not to ruin it for you, but it was CoD4.