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Please PLEASE keep them coming.

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Well as much as I want to see this as a positive thing overall for pushing more money into VR development, I would rather it be almost any other company than Facebook. This has got to feel like a real kick in the dick for kickstarter backers. Kind of sucks that all your money went into making the company look good enough for Facebook to buy it. Kind of like you suddenly realized you were working hard making weapons all this time for the Soviets instead of the USA.

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This needs to be bumped to the community showcase.

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This opening on Thanksgiving business is madness.

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Man I am stoked for this. It would be great if the community brings some awesome art assests. 1920x1080 is my resolution.

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Oh god, even now if I hear that black headcrab sound I will jump and freak out. Even when I know its coming it puts a chill down my spine. Terrifically creepy sound design.

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I'm agnostic and pretty happy. Every religion, including Atheism, has their extremists who can be grumpy or make pamphlets.

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Your blog here is rambling and your point is hidden. This isn't a term paper where you need a minimum word count. That said, the market was not ready for used games to go away. Microsoft's horrible messaging did not help. They are going away though. It will be a more natural process of console makers providing benefits and services that outweigh the minimal used game price cut and digital prices on consoles being as variable as they are on the pc. It is going to happen this coming console generation. In a couple of years or so it will feel dumb buying a disc. Games are becoming a service instead of a single product you buy and own. As a side note I hate Apple. They have very anti-developer business practices. Veektarius has some great points about game pricing and marketing as well.

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How dare you talk that way about the N64?

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You need a poll to decide if you watch a movie? It's a great movie, just watch it. Then watch Scrooged.