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This is all good stuff. No one is forcing you to buy this stuff and this is creating a source of income for people who may be on the cusp of getting into real game development. Sure, it'd be nice is everything was free, but I'd rather the talented creators have a reason beyond passion to keep creating and more than their free time to do it. Yah, there will be some shitty stuff... don't buy it.

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Wow these are amazing.

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@frostyryan: I'd agree with others here and say MOBAs because then truly we will make eSports happen since they can't dilute the market anymore.

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It is hoped that Disney will release the theatrical versions of the original trilogy. If there are despecialized versions of them then get those. Just don't watch the prequels. If you must do it for scientific purposes, watch them last and watch the Red Letter Media reviews for all of them after that. They really put in perspective just how bad they are compared to the original movies or well compared to anything really. Just poorly paced scenes with bad actors and over abundant aging CGI. Even if you had never seen a Star Wars movie they are just bad subjectively.

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Cool post man. Just change the priority of Hajime no Ippo from high priority to highest and I will be happy. You are way more anime experienced than me with all of this but that is my favorite series and I have seen a decent bit of anime.

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Patrick, I will greatly miss the insight and personality you brought to the site. Spookin' With Scoops has been one of my favorite premium features. I was never a hater and the haters can suck it because I know you will be putting out good content somewhere else soon. Good luck!

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Only if he is going to play V on camera. I don't think it would be as engaging considering the format and comic book style cutscenes.That game is a lot more focused on replaying missions and mother base management which do not make good (internet) television.

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Dude that is awesome.