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If an admin could get on and invite werupenstein I would appreciate it. He has been asking me for an invite for awhile but an admin is never on when he is.

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@rolyatkcinmai: Are you limiting admins to mods only? I am on every single night so I am available to do invite requests. I had one guy ask me today but he could not get an invite, in-game name is gmujimbo . You probably see me on there a lot... addicted to this damn game.

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Spider-Man or alternatively Star - Lord


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One Finger Death Punch. Buy it, play it, love it.

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Norman, OK, USA

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I'll be there for the pups.

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My friend code is 0104 - 0410 - 5702. Help me rebuild this damn village.

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Just a cash grab by Zenimax. They would have to prove that Carmack worked on it while on the company dime and not just as a hobby. Lawyers come out of the wood work when big acquisitions like this happen if they think they can get a piece of the pie. Makes me sick. I bet Valve won't do this though I think they have way more reason to be pissed about the acquistion.

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@billmuir3: Wow, just wanted to say we love it every time Brad shows up on the site and he does great work. Well done Mr. Muir!

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Please PLEASE keep them coming.