Overall Top 10 of 2010

This is not counting smaller categories that I feel I need a list of aswell. Best music, best characters, best ending e.t.c. This is just the plain and simple "overall best games I experienced this year".   
Downloadable XBLA, Steam or PSN titles are included in this very same list aswell and dosen't get any special treatment. See it as a version of Giant Bomb's own personal Top 10's.
Also World of Warcraft: Cataclysm gets a special mention since I can't put it here. Expansions dosen't feel right on a list like this. But Cataclysm might be some of Blizzards absolute finest work yet and deserves a mention on any GOTY list. Super Street Fighter IV falls into the very same category and description even tho you can play it without the original disk.  League of Legends wins my award for the game I kept pouring hours into even through 2010 
Games that just missed my overall top 10 includes God of War 3Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit, Split/Second, Civilization 5 and Bejeweled 3. You should probably play these games! 
But most of all, you should probably get back into World of Warcraft like you've probably been thinking you should for a while now.

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