People I admire and respect for their work in the industry

The people I praise the most for being complete geniouses at what they do. I think gaming today wouldnt be the same without them for many various reasons. List is in no particular order despite the numbers...

List items

Posted by Psykhophear

Anyone who has Greg Kasavin in his/her list gets an applause from me.

Posted by General_D23

You get applause from me for including Molyneux. Good list.
Posted by RagingLion

Nice list.  I'd probably add Fumito Ueda if I was to make my own list even though I've only played Shadow of the Colossus all the way through.  He might need to develop one or more games to cement his reputation though I guess.

Posted by BackpackKat

Besides the absence of Tim Shafer, since he is the only one who really knows how to make a humorous game now adays IMO, this is a great list!
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Richy G for the win! Wow, I hate saying for the win, but I can make an exception for Rich.

Posted by fjor

wow i love 
Greg Kasavin
where is he working now????

Posted by Joru

Good list, but I would include Will Wright as well. He is the definition of genius for me. It's not just the games, it's how he thinks and talks that astounds me.