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Toss up between Pokemon and Bioshock for me. TLOU is a great game but I can't say it was my favourite game of the year as I came away from it feeling like a terrible human being.

That said if we're going from a purely objective view, TLOU is the game of the year.

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Nope, because fuck the direction Microsoft is going across all it's devices.

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@canteu: I hate league because of Riot, not because of the game. The game itself is pretty fun I don't enjoy the stale metagame though, 2-1-1-jungler every game.

I don't think anybody specifically hates mobas so much as they hate the communities that surround them.

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3 and Paradise are my favourites. 4 is a good game but it felt like a more polished 3.

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School Days.

Fuck School Days.

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I don't think changing the review score again was the right move. If they begin down this path of altering scores according to game states then that is going to be a gargantuan task if they ever come to review any MMO's or competitive multiplayer games.

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I watched an anime character get aroused while brushing his little sister's teeth.

You're alright in my books.

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Depends on the game, Mario 3D Land is the only one where it actually enhanced the experience for me though.