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A Fringe game.

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#1; kudos to Patrick for bringing this movement to the attention of the GB community. And more importantly, kudos to the women for coming forward with their stories. Shame on those of you who say this is unimportant because video games are just a hobby. Bringing social injustice to light is always a good thing.

#2; to those of you on the opposite extreme of the sexist jackassery that has been displayed in the comment sections of these two articles, I posit my own personal life as an argument against the concept of "privilege". I am white. I am a man. But I also have muscular dystrophy. I've never been able to walk. I am incapable of feeding myself. I have severe respiratory issues. I have never been on a date before because I have never met a woman that wanted to go out with me. I am most certainly NOT privileged. By generalizing one side of an argument, you defeat your own.

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I would use half of my winnings to setup a charity to work in conjunction with The Free Wheelchair Mission and The Ablegamers Foundation, as well as help pay for medical equipment (wheelchairs, assistive technology for the home, etc.) for people in my home state of Louisiana who fall within the middle line of making too much money to qualify for government assistance, and not making enough to afford what they need. The other half I would split between investments, business ventures, and just generally living it up.

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The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

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For those of you that don't know who they are, the AbleGamers Foundation primarily works as an advocacy group for disabled gamers. They have made a lot of inroads over the last several years in getting videogame developers to take the needs of people with disabilities into consideration when designing their games. On top of that, the foundation also runs a website that provides accessibility reviews for games which takes into consideration how difficult the game may be to play for people with various conditions (colorblindness, mobility impairment, etc.). These are also the same people behind Includification.com, which Patrick briefly mentioned in Worth Reading a couple of weeks ago. Recently they even opened an "accessibility arcade" at the main public library in Washington D.C. In short, they're awesome people.

This week they started a fundraiser. and are trying to raise $5000 over the next two weeks. Right now they are sitting at about $500. If you feel inclined, go ahead and make a donation here. If not, maybe forward that address on your social network of choice to raise awareness. Either way you will be helping a great cause.

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Thanks for correcting my fuzzy memory, guys. I must have been playing that Quake conversion.

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I borrowed a copy of the PC version from a buddy years ago. I remember that under the MODS tab there was an option to download a graphical conversion mod of the original Doom (or maybe it was Doom 2). Haven't played it since. During the last Steam summer sale I bought the complete id pack. It being the Halloween season and all, and thanks to the BFG Edition QL, I decided I wanted to play it again. When I installed the game, I was surprised to see no option for the mod. Does anyone else remember this, or is my mind simply playing tricks on me? If it does exist, where can I find it?

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'11- Drew Brees isn't playing well without his coach Saints are 1-4.

I call bullshit on that one. Then again, I'm a Saints fan.

Look at his stats from a year ago at the same point in the season and compare them to now.

He had one of the greatest seasons in NFL history, plus defenses were struggling due to the lockout. That is an impossible standard to live up to.

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@Atlas: The players they lost, minus Meachem, were not that good anyway. The problem in New Orleans is the defense. Their new scheme requires skilled pass-rushing d-linemen that they don't have.

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Well, this could at least solve the backwards compatibility issue for the PS4....if your connection is fast enough.