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A 22 year-old English Teacher currently living in Tokyo Japan.
I've enjoyed video games since I picked up an NES controller and played Ikari Warriors with my Dad, but didn't consider myself a "gamer" per se until I started reading Penny-Arcade when I was 13 or 14.  During my descent into the depths of gaming culture, I started watching all of Jeff's video reviews on Gamespot, which is how I got an account on this site! 
I do most of my gaming on a PC that I built myself, an Antec Sonata III case that houses an intel i5, ATI Radeon HD5870 and 4 gigs of RAM.  I occasionally switch over to my Xbox 360 to play games that are either console exclusive or just work better on a gamepad.  When I'm on the road or if there's a new Ace Attorney game out, I play my DS Lite.  Someday I will get a PS3 so I can play God of War, the Uncharteds, The Killzones, Heavy Rain, MGS4 and all the great PSN stuff that I've been missing recently.

I also really enjoy playing the guitar, going to concerts, and anything musical....