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Mia Townsend      Johanna Selhorst "Josie" Maran
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well i live in Canada. so it is at Future Shop until Sept 25

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you no i never thought of selling it on ebay now i just might get it fixed. thanks

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i could but the arcade is only 199 and comes with a free copy of gears of war and star wars the force unleashed with it, and it also has a HDMI port which mine does not.

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 it RRoD on me so i sent it in and they sent it back saying it was working fine and i plug it in and RRoD.

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My 360 has been broken for some time and now that the price for the Arcade is only 199. i think i might get one but i wonted to no if my 20gig will work with it.

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Ok i wont to make some HD game play videos. right now i have a ps3 and i am going to get a 360 soon and would like some products that will let me capture from both in HD (not at the same time). i no i will need some kind of capture car. i would like one that will go in to my pc so i can stor the vido on there. i dont no what to look for or where to look. if some one could post a link to some products that might work that would be nice. o  i live in Canada so if it from a web sit if it not to hard could u see if they ship here before you post it and say in the post that they dont. thank.

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