I have a small confession to make...Major Spoilers ahead.

I have been listening to these two tracks from the GTA V Score album which was released this week for the past hour.

Damn the score in this game is good but i guess its the time i tell you about my experience with Grand Theft Auto V.

Friends Reunited.

Time Spent

I have sunk around 60 hours in GTA V and i am around 74% of the total game progress. The way i tackled past GTA games was basically Story first then mindless rampages later. This time around i have spent the majority of my time exploring Los Santos and Blaine Country in all of its "Glory". In total i might have spent 25 hours to complete the story while i have spent 35 hours doing the side content and to be honest i haven't even scratched the surface yet in regards to the side content.


After the serious tone of GTA IV i was slightly worried that Rockstar would continue this trend into GTA V but as Jeff and many other journalists have said it is a more lighthearted action/comedy script which to me is a perfect fit to Los Santos. I have to admit some missions in this game had me laughing for example the Fame or Shame mission was a delight to play through.

The preparations for the heists were so detailed to the point which really surprised me and made me want to play through them as subtle as i could. The mission structure in this game is relatively the same as past GTA games but in my opinion the pacing in this game puts GTA IV to shame.

The missions were so action packed and full of WTF moments from the get go instead of dropping off Roman across town like we encountered in GTA IV.

I enjoyed how the protagonists individual stories played out. Michael reuniting his family Franklin and Lamar`s crazy adventures and Trevor finding some closure at the end. One thing i will say is that i wished we had seen more of Lamar involved in the main story because he is such a funny character.

GTA V has the least amount of missions when compared to other GTA games and i am astonished on how much story they fitted in those missions when comparing to the 90 odd missions in San Andreas.

The Endings

When Devin appears at Franklin house demanding Franklin to kill Michael i thought it Franklin would fight back right there and then but i was shocked and kind of upset when 3 choices appeared on Franklin s smart phone

A. Kill Trevor

B. Kill Michael

C. Death wish

At the time i thought option C would mean the 3 protagonists will all die fighting the FIB/Devin and this is why i picked Option C but i was glad when i was proven wrong. I felt very Satisfied with the outcome and tying up almost every loose end in the game. The reason why i was upset is when i saw option A.

Trevor Phillips

Trevor is by far my favorite character in GTA V. He is also at the top of my list of the very best GTA characters of all time.

The reason being is that he fits the GTA world 100%. Weather it be the shocking killing of Johnny K from The lost or his vulgar attitude he is by far the most rounded character in this game.

It wasn't until the controversial torture sequence where i felt a personal bond with Trevor. Trevor could have easily killed the informant but decided to let him go as it went to far in Trevor's eyes. Even at the hilarious skits with Martins wife Patricia you can sense Trevor has a heart after all of the back stabs and awful things he has suffered in his life.

Out of interest i decided to see the ending in which Franklin kills Trevor. I felt that was a very bad ending as the game literally just ended when Trevor was Put down. Yes Trevor may have made things more complicated for Mike and Franklin but that is Trevor and their was no changing that.

I have really enjoyed GTA V. With so much side content left to play and the online launching next week this might as well be the last PS3 game i play until the PS4 launches.

I rarely create blogs but i wanted to get this off my chest also i am tired so sleepy time for me!

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Posted by awesomeusername

60 hours?! It took me 36 hours to get to 74%. I chose ending C also. I couldn't kill Michale or Franklin. I knew C would mean they all survived. It was so obvious.

Posted by BigJeffrey

Went back to play the A and B option for the gold. Man those endings are pretty shitty. Also at 63hrs with 79% done. Yes, some of the best heist music.

Posted by FancySoapsMan

He only tortured that guy halfway to death, what a big softy.

Edited by Mike

I killed Trevor because I felt like it's what Franklin and Michael would have done...Trevor was a menace and needed to be put down. He was just too psycho and rapey to be left out in the world doing his crazy business.

Also, this is still better heist music:

Edited by RonGalaxy

Really? The heists felt pretty linear to me, with minor differences between the different ways of approach

Edited by CByrne

I love the ambient music that starts to play when you are in a car with the radio off I find it makes messing around more enjoyable. Generally 2 hours is the max I play any game straight but there have been a few times its 3am and I have work in 5 hours...

Posted by MiniPato

I like all the prologue music. It's just so 80's.

Yes Trevor may have made things more complicated for Mike and Franklin but that is Trevor and their was no changing that.

Which is why the FIB wanted him dead. He was a loose cannon who wasn't going to change.

I went with Ending C cause fuck Haines and Westin, but I can see Ending A being a possible second canonical ending after C, even if it was slapdash in execution. First, I could see Michael willing to give up Trevor if it means he gets out clean. If you went loud during the Union Depository heist, Michael even says "if we get caught, say it was Trevor's idea. I'm not going to jail for Trevor." Secondly, I don't buy that Franklin would ever betray Michael. And three, I don't buy Franklin and Trevor's "friendship," if you can call it that. So I can't see him choosing to kill Michael over Franklin. Trevor acts like a total asshole to Franklin most of the time, usually telling him to shut the fuck up. I guess if I hung out with Trevor more as Franklin then their relationship would seem more fleshed out, but I never felt the desire to hang out with anyone. I guess you could argue that he takes that shit from Lamar too, but he throws shit back with Lamar and they're childhood friends too. Trevor treats Franklin like a bitch and he just kinda takes it. Why? I don't know. He's young and fit, I could see him giving Trevor a run for his money in a fight. Trevor never really seems to develop any affinity or respect for Franklin and yet Franklin does for Trevor. I just don't get it. He's just so underdeveloped compared to Michael and Trevor and it seemed like they struggled as to how to make him significant to the story so they just said "okay these two are homies now even though they had a rocky first meeting."

Posted by GreggD

Ending C was perfect, in my eyes. It reminded me of the ending of Mafia!, or if you prefer, The Godfather (I think it ended that way too, I honestly can't remember). Just tying up all the loose ends via assassinations, and then the feel-good ride off into the sunset.

Posted by jimmyfenix

@greggd: Yeah i was glad how that ending turned out. It was good to see Strech and the triad leader get what they deserve but you don't know how long i waited to pop Steve. Looking at this artwork again makes me think that ending C will likely be the canon ending for this game.

@minipato: I would have preferred an epic showdown between Michael and Trevor as an ending where the player can decide who to side with. Something like the return to North Yanktown but more in depth.

One reason i could see why Franklin was so upfront to Lamar and not Trevor is that Lamar was only involved in petty hood shit while Trevor and Michael had roped him in to something bigger and more dangerous which left Franklin out of his comfort zone. It will be interesting if we hear from Dan Houser on what his motivation was for Trevor as a character and the first two endings.

Posted by automatontribe

What the fuck is going on with Franklins left arm in the second picture?

Posted by SunBroZak

I'm at the last mission of the game, so I may have skimmed over some of the stuff regarding the story after said mission. I'm simply wanted to express my love for the original music in GTA V. It might be my favourite original soundtrack of the year.