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God dammit, I need at least 31 playthroughs of a demo before I can make a purchasing decision!!

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Man, Nintendo loves their single use peripherals. I mean, sure, you can use the racing wheel or zapper or this thing with other stuff, but...come on, son.

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God damn it, now I want that Rockford Files game. And I've never seen that show!

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What about the issue where a character you talk to goes shooting up in the air and begins a slow spiral down, eventually drilling down to the world's core? All while you're still talking? Granted that one did fix when I reloaded the last save. Still, only real bug of note I ran into, and was a fairly ridiculous one.

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Well this ought to lead to some hilariously uncomfortable situations during business presentations. "Now if you follow the trend here...no HERE...no, GOD DAMMIT KINECT I'M POINTING OVER HERE!"

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God bless you Alex, as this may be the best thing I've read all day. If only by comparing this to the "I love cats" lady.

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Yeah, I had that issue today. I think it had something to do with my friend and I trying to do co-op last night. He couldn't log onto my game because it hasn't given him the update yet. When he failed to join in, it then seemed to break the online completely for me, as it wouldn't find any other online games. I went on to play single player for another couple of hours. Today, I log on to find that it didn't save any of my progress. I was back where I started when I was trying to get the co-op game started. Game has some issues...

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I knew where to look, but that's because I kept checking their official site for the maps. They made a point to mention the expo hall had been expanded to the 6th floor, but I don't know how many people pay attention. It seemed they were trying to put most of the established studios down on the main floor, and then put the smaller/indie guys up top. Made sense thematically, I guess, but yeah, a lot of people probably missed out. Personally though, I made sure I knew where the PAX 10 was so I could make a beeline to go check those games out. One of the best parts of the show.

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Really enjoyed this game. I probably won't be one of my top ten games of the year, but it was still well worth playing. The exchanges between Garcia and Johnson, especially when reading the storybooks, were just golden.

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@TurboMan said:

Alex Navarro earns his money purely based on the quality of headline titles.


Seconded. Anymore, I can almost always tell when it's an Alex article when the headline pops up on Twitter.