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I think GiantBomb will soon replace Kotaku as my source for breaking rumors! You won't believe what happened next!

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Fantastic. Just waiting on Red Dead Redemption now still then!

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The thing they are counting on is that a huge number of people who dont follow the news might just hear that its an xbox one exclusive and take that at face value. No matter how many qualifications they make to twitter or press, that idea will be implanted in many TR fans heads. So good idea for them to mislead and then apologise later. Get to reap the benefits of the obfuscation in a ton of customers. Pretty shitty but thats how they keep showing that's how they operate.

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I thought I must be on Kotaku, what is happening to Patrick, is he a malfunctioning Android?

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I don't like Patrick's experiment, commenting on twitter outrage I mean.

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I think that's a brilliant simile.

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So so sad.

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I just found out from reading Patrick's leaving post. Too much to take in both of these great guys leaving. Dave you were the heart of GB, I hope you go onto to great things.

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Lucas Arts forever!

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Left 4 Dead was someone elses world/idea. Portal was someone elses world/idea. DOTA 2 was....

My point being is Half Life 3 is launching on all the next gen consoles in Nov 2013.