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I thought I must be on Kotaku, what is happening to Patrick, is he a malfunctioning Android?

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I don't like Patrick's experiment, commenting on twitter outrage I mean.

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I think that's a brilliant simile.

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So so sad.

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I just found out from reading Patrick's leaving post. Too much to take in both of these great guys leaving. Dave you were the heart of GB, I hope you go onto to great things.

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Lucas Arts forever!

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Left 4 Dead was someone elses world/idea. Portal was someone elses world/idea. DOTA 2 was....

My point being is Half Life 3 is launching on all the next gen consoles in Nov 2013.

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@VaultDweller13 said:

I'll believe stuff when I'm sitting in a theater watching it. Until then I have no interest.

Hold on, so you'd buy a ticket for a film you didn't believe existed? What is that bit before the film starts going to be like, when the trailers are on? You are going to have no idea why you are there, why you bought a ticket for a film you don't believe in and in which until the film starts you have no interest? That's a crazy future man.

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I played this and Dungeon Master on my ATARI ST. All these people talking about their nintendos and segas just don't know about the realness that was the ATARI ST. So many heart achingly happy memories of magic.

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@Zanien said:

Was anyone else billed on September 9th, before this was up?? It just came out of the blue for me and I kind had problems dealing with a 50 dollar charge all of a sudden, what with being a student and all...

Sick to my stomach that the annual membership was on auto-renew by default and I got none of this heads up about it that others are getting with this post. Thanks a bunch. Never felt so let down, I thought you guys weren't shady like that. I'm in Zanien's boat and its fucked me in my unemployed ass.

At the Premium Member Hub I saw this re: support:

How can I contact you?

Feel free to contact us by email at support@whiskeymedia.com.

Is that still correct? I doubted it and found another option to submit a support question about this billing on the 9th but I got no reply or confirmation that the note had been received and not lost on an old whiskeymedia server. Who can I be in touch with to talk about this suprise rebilling?