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The Weeknd 

Also quite a bit of Odd Future.
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I think the Paranormal Activities movies are pretty fuckin awesome, however "best horror movie franchise ever" is pushing it.  Also, Catfish director's making this one.  That's cool.

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lol dubstep 

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I've gotten a gryffindor seeker shirt, and a donnie darko/portal shirt from them.  It's an awesome site.

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The xx - self titled. 

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In no particular order 
Broken Bells - Broken Bells  
Loved this album.  Definitely wish there was more of this kind of music around.  Also, loving this album finally got me into The Shins, which I had been trying to do for a while.  If you like The Shins and haven't heard this album, definitely check it out. 

Angels and Airwaves - Love 
Unapologetically , blink-182 is my favorite band, and I've loved pretty much all of the side projects and post-breakup bands all of it's members have been involved in.  Love is probably my favorite of the Angels and Airwaves albums, and they released it for free, which is pretty cool.
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs  
Like a lot of people, I loved Funeral.  Neon Bible didn't quite do it for me, although I did enjoy it.  I picked up this album, and although I didn't like it a lot the first listen, it's definitely a grower, and every listen since then has been better and better.  Good length, interesting vocals and lyrics, really cool style.  Also, check out this music video.  http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com/.  Fuckin cool stuff right there. 
Stars - The Five Ghosts  
I'd been meaning to get into Stars for a while now, and I'd given Set Yourself on Fire a few listens and enjoyed it well enough.  Then my friend and I were about to go to a concert of their's on the The Five Ghosts tour so I went ahead and bought it and gave it a listen on the bus ride up to where the concert was.  I really liked it, and then seeing them live really got me into it.  Was a great concert, and this is a great album.  Sort of a "cleaner" sound then their other stuff I've heard.  If you like indie electronic rock at all then you should like this one. 
Faded Paper Figures - New Medium 
Speaking of indie electronic rock, I'd grabbed the first Faded Paper Figures album, Dynamo, a few months before this album came out, and I liked it a lot.  It was sort of a more "chill" take on indie electronic, and I really liked that.  On my first listen of New Medium, I didn't really like it.  I don't remember why, but I think it just wasn't what I wanted from this band at the time.  However, I gave it another listen a couple months ago, and for some reason it clicked.  It's a really cool album, and if you're into this sort of music, check it out.  Really makes me mad that fucking Owl City gets a shit load of sales, but actually interesting and good bands like this one don't get any press.   
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I for one think that desensitization argument is bullshit.  I've seen plenty of death in video games, but I know for a fact if I saw a real dead guy, gruesome or not, I'd be fucking disgusted.  In fact, I have seen real death.  It's kind of terrifying.

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@Pinworm45 said:
" Dear Government;  Is it alright if I go take a piss?  Thanks for your permission. "