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@mfpantst: Sorry if I caused any misunderstanding, It was a close friend of mine who lost their life to cancer. I thankfully haven't had to endure such hardships. But all that aside, I now see the error of my ways, I was foolishly ignoring the very real issues sufferers of Autism and Asperger's have to deal with. It was childish of me and I thank you for taking the time to better help me understand where I was going wrong. 
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@mfpantst: Analogies aside for a second, do you really think I have to argue my case that comparing a non lethal condition that causes at most extreme inconveniences for small groups of people to a disease/diseases  that has caused and continue  to cause the death of millions of human beings is somewhat unjust? Even if as you say yourself both were ignored due to a lack knowledge, making that comparison is simply not okay there are a lot of other conditions he could have used, I was pleading with him to not make such an insulting comparison, I could have been a lot worse. Or maybe I'm just being a dick? I'm really tired of people making comparisons like this, it's depressing. I could go on. But I really don't see the point, far to many people here haven't even experienced either Aids or Cancer, maybe I'm letting my personal experiences with Cancer cloud my judgement and maybe the manner in which I dealt with what I considered insulting could have been handled better. And in future I will remember this instance having learn't from my mistake.
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@mfpantst: Wow, that's one compelling argument, you should have just said "Stop having an opinion".Tell me. If you see a young child in public swearing profusely do you take offence? Or is that okay seeing as the child doesn't know any better?(Not that I'm comparing sufferers of Asperger's and Autism to children, simply the first example that sprung to mind)   From where I'm standing I'd rather look like a dick than an over-apologist.
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@GreggD: Interesting suggestion. Either way he'll learn a lesson. I simply can't stand people making such a sickening comparison even if it was unintentional.  I'm afraid If I'm genuinely offended by someones actions I tend to inform them. Unless you wan't this to turn into the "It's ok to say whatever he want's he doesn't know any better" game.
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@kmg90: Hey it sucks that you've had to endure what you have as a result of your condition but there are pretty damn valid reasons that both Cancer and Aids are more well known than both Autism and   Asperger's. You know like the whole part where Cancer and Aids kill millions every year. Please don't ever compare them like that ever again it's downright disrespectful.
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Hey can I make a suggestion to the Whiskey Media web devs. It would be really cool if you implemented some sort of filtering system, so I can choose which members of the editorial staff's articles are displayed on the homepage. I'd gladly renew my membership if such a feature was exclusive to paid members.  

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Consider this a reply to everyone who said "just don't read it". I would have gladly ignored this article entirely if not for the fact it reminded me of something... Patrick is paid to provide Giantbomb users with NEWS not another story about someones moderately problematic syndrome , It's downright embarrassing the manner in which he feels he has the right to force feed us yet another story about someone who isn't 100% "normal" and just so happens to play videogames. Hell I broke my leg once and may have played videogames during that period of time... maybe he should write up a lengthy article about how it helped me deal with my broken leg. Much in the same way videogames wont cure Aspergers they didn't cure my leg. It's a pointless article that wouldn't feel appropriate on another gaming website and sure as hell doesn't feel appropriate on Giantbomb(You know the website with the podcast where nobody can get a word in edge ways because someone is always busy shouting profanities or making lewd sexually suggestive jokes. Not that any of this is bad, that's why I come to Giantbomb for god's sake). Undoubtedly someone will reply to this praising Klepeck and stating what a wonderful heartwarming tale this was and how it helped them overcome their wrongly self diagnosed condition. Well you know what? Giantbomb ain't what it used to be. Fuck you guys I'm going home.

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An article about a single gamer suffering from Aspergers? Come on GB get your shit together. Yes it's not an enjoyable syndrome(as apposed to all those enjoyable ones right?) but it's not newsworthy and never will be, no matter how proficiently the article about it is written. There are FAR worse things a single gamer could suffer from.

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So are  they porting the Java run time environment to Xbox 360? That's really the only way I could see this happening and if that's the case I'll bet the Kinect implementation will be downright abysmal.

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Even if they were "underclocking" the console that wont magically make the rest of the components transform into their newer faster counterparts. Nintendo is about 4 years too late to the party. It's almost embarrassing seeing them try to advertise the WiiU to a hardcore audience, that's the same audience that got burned with the Wii and they're not coming back just for exclusives with gimmicky control options.