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Starting download before I go to work. 9 hrs later I'll be able to play.

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 Anyway, the game is basically Punch-Out!! with RPG elements.    

I thought the same thing when playing this game.
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If I hadn't gotten the CoD Xbox bundle last year I'd be getting this or the Halo Reach bundle.... but my CoD Xbox works....

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Great video.... I think to the people who knew them personally/professionally though will be able to determine who they are if they are in fact trying to hide their identity.

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   - If 1,500 people are playing the not-as-good-as-PC version of Dragon Age, how many people must be playing the PC version?
I'm one of these people playing the game on 360. Mainly because I don't think my PC is strong enough for it. I kind of thought more would be playing it
I also wish shops around here would break the street date. My copy of MW2 comes with the CoD Xbox 360 though. I don't think they'll sell it to me.

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@Pie said:
" @slaneesh: Say wut? "
Awesome link!
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I had no trouble but the game store I stopped out was nearly sold out of the 360 version and had a ton of PS3 copies. This was located on the southern shores of Lake Michigan.

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@Dachef said:
" Probably Final Fantasy IV. "
I love me some Final Fantasy IV!!!