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Except XSEED have not used it them-selves, Siliconera is not XSEED and Tom did not use that name. So using the Japanese title is perfectly valid and is what should be used until they formally announce the name. Why is this so hard to understand? They have clearly avoided using that name in any official capacity so far on purpose when they could have so very easily done otherwise. I don't think it's really an important point and I'm not sure why it was worth arguing over in the first place, but you've been rather persistent and I've tried to explain it to you. The original page has the only title the game has been officially given so far and the only evidence you even have to the contrary is the title of another Siliconera article that was linked to.

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And I did not say they are not, but they did not use that name. To quote Tom he said "Trails 2" in that article.

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You seem to be misunderstanding. I did not say it was cancelled at all, they said a few months ago that they had to rearrange their priorities: 

"All I can really do is assure you guys that progress is… slow, but existent. There’s still a mountain of work left to do, though, and we’re still on pretty shaky ground with this title," Tom Lipschultz, Localization Specialist, explained. "The first game hasn’t exactly turned out to be a top-seller for us so far (despite overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans), which means we really can’t justify prioritizing the second (especially given its insane length). But we’re not giving up! We still plan to move forward, slowly but surely, until the project either gets done or becomes completely and totally unfeasible – whichever comes first. If series fans want to hurry us along, they’ll need to convince more people to buy the first game so we can have more funding to hire more people to work on the second, and have bigger numbers to convince our investors that Trails 2 is worthy of being prioritized."

but that does not mean they were cancelled. What I am trying to really tell you though is that regardless of that the official titles was never confirmed by XSEED for the second and third installments. There is no official name for them at this point, they can go with Trails 2 and Trails 3 or Chapter Two and Chapter Three. It doesn't matter much, but they haven't said anything about the names yet.
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The trilogy was announced but they put it on the back burner and the titles for "SC" and "the 3rd" are not confirmed. If you look anywhere in the press releases:

 it is not mentioned at all. They only refer to the "Trails in the Sky trilogy" in the original but not the specific game titles, and there is no mention of SC or the 3rd in the others. Although I do think they will keep SC and the 3rd if they get the chance to bring them over their titles are not official at this point.

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The original has the right name, XSEED has not officially said anything about the other installments other than the intent to still try and bring them over.

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I will buy a 3DS for this game, can't wait to finally play it.

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Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida :3D -> No Heroes Allowed! 
The current name should be added as an alias. Looks like Sony is localizing this one and publishing it in the west them-selves.
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Level-5 debuts a must-see trailer and hints at some major differences between the DS and PS3 versions. 

"The PS3 version of Ni no Kuni is titled "Ni no Kuni Shiroki Seihai no Joou." The subtitle is different from the DS version.

But the subtitle isn't the only difference. As detailed at the official site, while the stories for the two games will be on the "same axle," they're being made separately from scratch and will have different data, specifications and story developments. "Look forward to the two Ni no Kunis," writes the official site.

You're going to have to speculate on what having the two stories be on the "same axle" means. But it does look like Level-5 is trying to highlight the differences between the two versions.

The PS3 version is not due for release until 2011. The DS version will precede that on December 9 of this year."

Not according to those who actually attended their event. On top of the subtitle and plot changes, the books included are also going to see changes. The trailer also reveals a bit of combat for the PS3 version, which looks completely different from the DS version. In the DS version Oliver is part of the party while in the PS3 version you only see life bars for the monsters as Oliver gives commands.