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FFXIII and Resonance of Fate just came out last month. But yeah, if you only want them on PS360 then you're out of luck since they're the worst selling systems in Japan this generation. Now that MS has given up on funding JRPGs you're not going to get as many decent HD efforts. Hopefully Atlus reveal what they've been making for HD consoles soon. Hope Namco has some more plans for Tales worldwide on HD consoles. tri-Ace said they'll be continuing on HD consoles this generation, but RoF was the first good effort from them out of 3 so far. FFvXIII sounds like it'll take a while, but there's that too. Honestly though if you want more then you'll have to look to the handhelds, or maybe Nintendo will be able to get some more JRPGs on Wii with their own efforts (Xenoblade and The Last Story) and DQX. Having all 5 systems is the only way to get the best.

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I've played the all MegaTen releases from Atlus USA since Nocturne (and got Persona 2:EP during one of the reprints), and aside from Persona PSP I've at least liked them all. The first Raidou is kind of easy compared to the rest though.

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I wanted to know this too. If someone stops following you, there is no way of knowing, is there?

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It was my favourite DS game early on in its life. Tank battles were awesome!

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I spend too much time on the internet and half of that time is spent on NeoGAF.

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Wii rpg? 
Hmm...i get the feeling i'm not going to like the controls.

It has the option to use the classic controllers.
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" Who is writing the story? "
Tetsuya Takahashi is confirmed, Soraya Saga is likely.
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The official website has been renewed and now has this trailer, a new music track, as well as a few new details: 

"The World section offers a glimpse at the game's prologue, detailing the battle between two giant gods, the Kyojin and Kishin. Xenoblade is set on top of these two gods, who froze into corpses in mid battle stance.

Inactive subsections of the World part of the site include "Kyojin and People," "Kishin Army," "Shinken Monado" (literally "God Sword Monado"), "City and Life" and "Screenshots."

The names alone provide some hints about Xenoblade. It looks like the Monado name carries on in the name of a sword. Additionally, you can see how some of the previously detailed background story will work into the game. The protagonists reside atop the Kyojin god, which is presumably why there is a section detailing Kyojin and the people. They fight the residents of the Kishin god -- the Kishin army, it seems. "
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" @Cornman89 said:

" Is the "Xeno" thing just for marketing, or is it actually related to -gears and -saga? "

It's not really known if there's meant to be any connection or not yet, as far as I know, "
Yes it is. Takahashi cleared it up in his interview with Famitsu

"The world setting, story and other elements have no relation," explained Takahashi on connections to past Xeno games. "It's a completely new title."

This is the first game he's directing and writing for since Xenosaga Episode I and he wanted a common point between the games he's made. It makes sense since it was originally speculated that this was from the Soma Bringer team (which is mostly Xenosaga Episode III game designers) and the RPG Soraya Saga said she was co-writing for when she added that she wrote the screenplay for Soma Bringer to her site but later removed the unnamed game.
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That was pretty underwhelming until the very end, I wish there was some gameplay footage though. This still makes the game look pretty story heavy, and done with Wii hardware instead of pretty CG. I suppose there was no reason to believe Takahashi would steer away from story completely...