Ryan Davis, I will miss you. <>

I thought I would make a blog as well. Not very good at this kind of thing, but I'm going to do it anyways.

Like many of you on the site, I have never met Ryan ever. I've known about Ryan from the GameSpot days. Never really started paying attention to him and the crew till October 08ish when I listened to the Bombcast with Ed Boon on it. Ever since that Bombcast I stared listening to it and started paying more attention to the site. You can tell I've been here often due to my high post count. Ryan was one of the many reasons why I'm still around this awesome site. From him being a funny joker to him being a total dick, he was fun to hear/watch. It was always great to hear his opinions on video games, even if I have no interest in them at all. He was also a great host as well whether it is a podcast or a live show.

It feels strange that I'm feeling sad for someone I have never met before, but for being around this site for so long, it feels like I knew him.

I will miss you Ryan.

A toast to Ryan Davis.


I did a playthrough of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for some reason.


For some reason I played through Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde on my Twitch TV page and uploaded it to my YouTube channel.



Part 1 is embed right here and the rest of the playlist can be found HERE. Can't embed the whole playlist for some reason.


(This blog post isn't being posted on the forums because it's blatant advertising.)


Who would have thought streaming would be fun.

Did somebody say video games?

Just making a short little blog post here. Not going to attach this to the forums because this is mainly self advertising. Lately I have been doing a lot of streaming and it's been a blast. I have played around with it before, but just a few weeks ago I have started doing it more often. Of course I just started so the presentation and many other things are professional.

Right now all I really can do is stream from my PC so I will mainly be playing whatever my PC can run. PC games, emulators, etc. Right now I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix (Emulator or course) with the English Patch and it's been great fun.

If you feel like watching me fail at video games and hear me say the F word a lot (and I mean a lot) then why not stop by!

The stream can be found over at Twitch TV (http://www.twitch.tv/jjor64). I usually stream late nights. Usually around 11:00 PM CST due to work and all that shizz. I try to post stream updates on my Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/jjor64) as well if I decide to not stream or if the stream is having problems like internet going out, etc.

Well, I guess that's it. Sorry for the shameless advertising, but hey, you gotta spread the word some how.


Avatar Adventurers Online - A neat XBL Indie Game "MMORPG" for $3

Thought I would make this little blog about this game my buddy and I found last night and spread the word about it.

The game is called Avatar Adventurers Online for XBL Indie Games.  AAO is an "MMORPG" developed by Squarebananas.  And I put MMO in quotes because it's not a true MMORPG.  You can kinda think of it like Phantasy Star.  While the game does have online, you can only connect to 15 other people at once.

Like the title insists, you use your Avatar while you play the game in this MMO like setting.  Just like other MMOs, you go around getting quests, gain levels, etc.  Your typical MMO stuff.  Here is a video showing off the very beginning of the game.


It's really neat to see Squarebananas make a game like this for the Indie Game service.  I would love to see them support this game and give it life by spreading the word.  For a measly 240 MS Points ($3), you can't go wrong with it.  It's easily the most impressive Indie Game I have seen to date.

600 Hours into Super Street Fighter IV

So I made quite the accomplishment with this game today.

Holy crap, that's a lot of game time put into a fighter.  This is the most time I have ever put into a video game before and it's quite amazing.  Playing for over 1000 hours (counting the original SF4 as well) makes quite the difference in skill.

24 Hour Impressions with my Nintendo 3DS

 Picture not taken with 3DS camera, as you can tell.

I've had my 3DS for over 24 hours now so I thought I would through together a quick impressions list of the things I like and don't like about the games I have and the hardware itself.


  • Actually surprised how good the 3D is.  I was one of those guys who thought I would never use the 3D that much at well.  Then I tried it out and seen how cool it is.  The depth it adds is more significant then I thought it would be.  Ridge Racer 3D at max 3D is the most mine blowing thing I have seen yet on the console.
  • The system had a very hefty weight to it that I like.  It's not super heavy, but it's heavy enough to feel good in my hands.
  • The Circle Pad feels really good.  I feel like I'm in control when I use it unlike the PSP nub.
  • Taking 3D pictures is cool and they actually look really cool when taken right.
  • While the AR Games and Face Raiders may get old fast, at least they are built into the system for free and that's a nice addition.
  • I'm surprised how the friends list works.  Once you get your friends set up right, it's like a mini version of Xbox Live.  You can see what your friends are playing and send them messages.  It's mind blowing for a handheld.
  • Really like the Home Menu.  It's nice and simple.  Just what you want from a handheld system made by Nintendo.  It's also nice that you can access it in-game.
  • Not a fan of the location of the stylus.  It's like the old phat DS where you put the stylus in the back.  It really grinds my gears is that it's on the left hand side and not the right hand.  I'm right handed and it would have been nice on the right.  What they should have done is did it the same way the DSi did it, have it on the right side of the system where it's easy to take out and put back in.
  • Really wish the Start and Select buttons weren't in the middle of the system.  I wish it was in the lower right hand side or left hand side of the system.  At least the games I have lets you pause the game with the select button.  
  • The cameras are the same quality as the DSi, which isn't a good thing.  Both cameras on the back and the one on the from are a measly 0.3 megapixels.  My old crappy cell phone I used to use had a better camera.
  • Wish the depth slider worked for the 3D pictures that you have taken.  It's either 3D on or 3D off.  No level of 3D to choose from.
  • There are still friend codes.
  • Wish the battery life was better.  Think god I'm always near a wall socket when I play this thing since I don't travel at all anymore.
  • Bummed the eShop and the internet browser aren't at launch.

Ridge Racer 3D

 Ridge Racer 3D
  • Yo dog, it's Ridge Racer.  RIIIIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACER!!  Plays like the other games which is good if you are a fan of the series.
  • The soundtrack is good.  It has some old tunes and some new tunes (I think) which go with the game great.
  • The environments look really good, especially in 3D.
  • The main mode seems like it might have a solid length to it.  It's fun to go through it and get further and further.  Definitely the longest 3DS game I own at the moment.
  • Yo dog, it's Ridge Racer.  The main gameplay hasn't changed one bit since the last major game, Ridge Racer 7.  It would have been nice to see something new to the gameplay besides the one button drift, which I wont use.  If you are a first time Ridge Racer player, then it wont bother you at all because it's your first Ridge Racer experience.
  • Wish there were more new tracks.
  • While the environments look good, the car models don't look good.
  • No online play.  This is the year 2011 and a racing game with no online play is unacceptable.

Pilotwings Resort

Pilotwings Resort
  • The game is really color full and the world looks great, especially in 3D.
  • While the missions can be a little straight forward, they are fun to play.
  • The aircraft are fun to use.
  • There are only two modes of gameplay, both of which seem like there wont be much replay value once completed.
  • This game would have been great with online.  Just flying around with friends or competing in missions would have been fun.
  • Wish the characters from Pilotwings 64 were in the game.  Those guys were great.

Super Monkey Ball 3D

 Super Monkey Ball 3D
  • The graphics look great and colorful.
  • The main game mode is still fun to play.
  • It's fun using the motion controls for the main game.
  • From the looks of it, the game seems a bit short.  At least there are some collectables which may help lengthen the game.
  • From what I've played, the main game seems like it will be a cake walk.
  • The other game modes aren't that great.  One is a bad Mario Kart clone and the other one is a bad Super Smash Bros. clone.  They could be fun with other players, but they get old fast by yourself.


 I am enjoying the system.  The hardware itself is great with a few set backs and the games are fun.  Now I just hope Nintendo and 3rd Parties put out great games for this thing often and not in long stretches.

Well, there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed reading up my 24 hour impressions.  BYE BYE!!

My Nintendo 3DS/Nintendo DS Case Comparision

For some odd reason, Ridge Racer 3D was released today.  For shits and giggles, I thought I would compare the game cases of the 3DS and DS.  I'll compare it with the Pokemon White case.  Pictures taken with my DSi.

 3DS case is thiner.

 Not sure if this is a Ridge Racer thing, but I think all the spins will be White for 3DS cases.  Also, from what I've heard, the little image under the 3DS logo is the icon it shows in the home menu when you select the game.

 AAAAHH, ECO CASE!!!!!!!!!


 The game carts are basically the same damn thing.

 Yep, they are the same.

 Even the backs look the same.

 All the game's features are at the bottom now instead of the top right.

 Closer look at the back of the Ridge Racer 3D case.

Now I get the stare at the case till Sunday.  HURRY UP SUNDAY AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!  Also, I wish my GameStop was doing a midnight release for it.  I guess opening early is better then nothing I guess.
EDIT:  Just noticed this:

Ok, I will type out what this says.  Shitty DSi camera...




So I was playing some HDR, fighting some scrubby Akumas.  For those of you that don't know, Akuma is broken in HDR and ST as well.  So I sent a message to one of them, then I got this message back.

The lesson to learn here:  Don't play Ranked in HDR.  You will fight a ton of turtleing Akumas/Shotos.  Play this game with friends.

 Jordan, over and out.


Kinect Adventures hates me.

So I finally got around to playing Kinect.  Like most people, Kinect Adventures was my first Kinect experience.  So what did I think about it?  It was OK.  The Kinect sensor worked better then I thought it would and I was impressed.  Not a fan of the Kinect menu navigation.  Would rather have the option of using a controller to navigate in game menus.  At least you can use the guide with a controller.
So why does Kinect Adventures hate me?  Well, take a look at these.

Also, this happened...
So it's official.  Kinect Adventures made me a dumbass.  I HATE YOU KINECT ADVENTURES!!