My little write up about Scott Pilgrim. (Updated)

 Scott Pilgrim

Once upon a time there was this guy named Scott Pilgrim.  He is some lazy dude from Toronto.  One day he meets this chick Ramona Flowers, but to keep dating this he he must defeat her 7 evil ex-boyfriends.
THAT'S IT!     THE END                                  /blog
OK, the blog isn't over yet.  If you don't know what Scott Pilgrim is about, that's the basic jist of if.
Last night (well, technically really early this morning) I finished reading the series.  This will be a short little blog talking about what I liked and didn't like about it.

Things I Enjoyed

  • Holy crap, there are lots of characters.  Surprisingly, they are all excellent.
  • The comedy is spot on.  Constant laughs through out.  Sex jokes to video game jokes, they will make you giggle.
  • Loved the cartoony/manga art style.  Totally fits with it.
  • All the video game stuff was totally rad.  You just get a big grin on your face when you know the references or when it randomly feels like a game.
  • Was surprised the romance stuff in it was actually good and interesting.  Lots of crazy relationship stuff.

Things I Didn't Enjoy

  • Every once in a while the pacing felt kinda weird.  When you think something should happen or there should be a little more, it just moves on.  For the most part it wasn't a problem.


If you are looking for a new comedy/action/romance comic to read and don't mind some video game stuff thrown in there, you should totally check this out.  It's a series that is just plain fun and a blast.

I guess I could talk about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game while I'm at it since I finished it a few days ago.

No, that isn't Scott's penis.

In retrospect, it's a mindless brawler like Ninja Turtles or The Simpsons arcade game.  The game does have RPG elements in the game, similar to River City Ransom, which helps it from being bland.
I enjoyed the levels in the game.  There were really fun and unique.  The 16-bit art style in the game was fantastic.  Since the game plays like an old school game, might as well make it look old school.  I'm really surprised at how close the game was with the comics.  While I was reading it there were moments were I was like "Holy shit, that's totally in the game in some form" and I got a grin on my face.  Some minor things here and there and also you get the picture of why the levels in the game were there. Of course there were some things in the game that weren't in the comics, but hey, that's common with licensed games.
The worst thing about the game is that there is no online play.  Are you kidding me?  A game like this in this day in age and there is no online play?  That was Ubisoft's biggest screw up with the game.  The best thing about the game was the soundtrack.  Easily one of the best original soundtracks of the year.
Here are a couple songs from the game:

 Big ups to Anamanaguchi for making a kick ass soundtrack.
In a nutshell, the game can be fun with others, but it can get a little stale by yourself.  Still, I had fun with the game and will get the DLC when it comes out on Xbox 360.

Well, that's the end of this blog.  Go buy the comics and at least try the demo of the game before you buy it.  See you on the flip side!

 Scott, you are my hero.
P.S.  I have not seen the movie yet.


I finally seen the movie last night.  My thoughts?  It was alright.  Nothing mind blowing.
Thought the movie was a little too fast paced.  If you don't know anything about Scott Pilgrim, you might go "What the fuck?" a lot while watching it.  The fight scenes were OK.  The actors in the movie were decent.  Michael Cear (spelling?) was an alright Scott.  The other actors did what they had to do with their parts.  The comedy wasn't anything mind blowing for since all the jokes were from the comics, for the most part so I knew they were coming.
Overall, it's an OK movie that should be at least seen once.  If you like Scott Pilgrim, it's worth seeing to see how it adapts too the big screen.  If you want to get into Scott Pilgrim, skip the movie and read the comics.

5 Xbox 360 games for $5 Each plus AWESOME REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a while since I did a blog here on Giant Bomb.
So I went to GameStop to pick up Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.  After I get the game, my friend texts me to go to Blockbuster.  I said "Why?"  He says "They are selling everything for $5."  So apparently my Blockbuster is going out of business and they have to sell everything quick.  Old stuff to new stuff, $5 each.  I had $25 to spend so these are the games I got.

If I had more money I would have got a few more, but sadly, I don't.  I was hoping to find Deadly Premonition there, but didn't see it.  If I went right when they opened, I could have got Red Dead for $5.      :(
My brother got a shit ton of movies and some games like Crackdown 2.
So if you have a Blockbuster in your area, check and see if anything is going on. 
Also.......................AWESOME REACH!!!!!!!! 
That is all my friends. 

Goodbye Street Fighter IV. Hello Super Street Fighter IV!

GET HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE FOR SUPER STREET FIGHTER IV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, had to get that out of the way first.
With Super Street Fighter IV out tomorrow (well, in NA anyways), I thought it would be fun to share some quick thoughts I had with the game.  Before that though, I'm going to share my player data.  Pictures go!

 Player Record

 Championship Records

 Character Record

 Character Record 2

 Character Record 3

 Character Record 4   (Has Gen at the bottom)

 Medal List

Damn, that's a lot of info to take in.

Over the years I have played Street Fighter casually.  It was simple enough for me to do some basic stuff like throwing fireballs and doing spinning pile drivers.  When I first started though I had no idea how to do charge moves at all.  I was dumb and stupid as a kid.  Later I finally understood how to them.

 Say hello to my little friend.
Back on track.  I've been playing SF for years.  What brought me back into the franchise and made me play it all the time now was HD Remix.  When I first came out I was like "That's really cool, but it's kinda expensive."  Later while listening to Jeff talk about the game, it made me want to get the game.  So I bought the game and started playing it on pad.  I was kinda bad though.  I remember Jeff talking about how he liked playing E. Honda and I tried him out in HDR and liked him.  Thanks to Jeff, I play Honda.  Go figure.  I stuck with E. Honda and kept playing as him and when SFIV come out, I brought my basic Honda skills from HDR and brought them to SFIV.  When I first played the game I was like "Damn, this game is a little hard and different."  After a week or so I got used to the game engine and stuck with the basics with Honda.  After some time I decided to try out Blanka and I actually switched to him for a few months before going back to Honda.  The from then on I stuck with Honda and I'm still kicking it with him today.
Later on August 13th 2009 (two days after my birthday), I finally decided to get an arcade stick.  Since then this game has been like crack to me.  I've been playing it almost everyday since then.  Well, I did play it a ton before I got my stick, but not as often as I do now.
I guess that's a little brief thing about how I got started.  With Super finally hitting store shelves tomorrow, I will be addicted to the new game as well.
 Sagat, you are a cool character in all, but why do you have to be a dick?

Now I should share some thoughts about SFIV.  Like some of you may know, it was my favorite game to came out last year.  Being my favorite game of last year doesn't making it 100% perfect though.  The main nag I had about SFIV was the character balance.  Sure the game is really balance, but the top 5 characters in the game just blows everyone else way.  As a Honda player, I hated fight against Sagat and Zangief.  Sagat can just throw fireballs, turtle, and Honda can't do much about it.  As for Zangief, you can just abuse hist Lariat and Honda doesn't have a lot of options to stop it.  He can also you Lariat and completely shut out Hondas Ultra.  It just drove me insane and made me curse at my TV.
Enough of me bitching about why I hate Honda's weaknesses.  Let's talk about what I'm looking forward to.  The thing I'm looking forward to most is the character balancing.  Hopefully with all the top characters being nerfed some what, I might have a better chance of winning and not fell like I'm being robbed when I lost in SF4.  I'm also looking forward to the new characters as well, especially Makoto.  As a Makoto player (that wasn't good) from 3rd Strike, I'm looking forward to her the most.  I really like her move set a lot.  There is just something about it that I love.  Maybe it's because she is some what similar to Honda and rocket forward and fast speeds and do big damage.  For the other new stuff, I'm looking forward to all the new online features as well, especially the new ranking system.  With it being similar to Tekken 6, each character has there own rank and I find that to be very awesome.
Enough of me rambling on.  This thing is dragging out now.  I just want it to be tomorrow so I can spend the next 700 years playing Super Street Fighter IV or keep playing it till the next version of SFIV comes out.
P.S.  Since this is a long ass blog post, I could do some YouTube spamming here at the bottom of the page.

RAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT + Thoughts About The Game So Far

It's been a long time since I did an actual blog post over here at Giant Bomb, so why not make it about Pokemon!


Feraligatr is a bad ass with Ice Beam, but where do I get it?
So I was happily playing SoulSilver.  Everything is going all nice and good.  Then I starting thinking about what moves I wanted to give my Feraligatr and started thinking about giving him Ice Beam, one of the best Ice moves in the game.  So I looked at the back of my guide and looked up how to get Ice Beam, which is a TM, and it says I need 10,000 coins to get it at the Game Corner.  I said "Fuck that", but the guide says that's the only way to get the move.  Then I started looking around in the guide and just noticed something.  Where the fuck is the Kanto section of the guide?  I was a little bummed that there was no Kanto section.
So I decided to go to to check out how you get Ice Beam in Diamond/Pearl/ Platinum.  I was looking around and it said it's a TM, which I have already used in both Diamond and Platinum (I don't have Pearl), and at the Game Corner as well in the games.  So I deiced to check out the HG/SS part of the site when I found out that Ice Beam is also available at Seafoam Islands, which is in Kanto.  So I started thinking "It would have been nice if my guide said it was in Kanto."  So I started looking to see if there were other HG/SS guides besides the official one, then I found this on Amazon:


If I'm still playing the game by the time this guide comes out, I might end up getting it.  Diamond and Pearl had a similar issue too, but the other guide was just the national dex, which I didn't need.
So I got that rant out of the way so I'll share some thoughts about the game so far. 


 Is the remake for these 10 year old games any good?
So far SoulSilver has been fantastic.  With this being a remake of Gold/Silver, arguably the best Pokemon games ever made, how can you not like these games?  First off, the game looks great by using the same graphics engine as D/P/PL.  It's really nice to see the old 8Bit Gameboy Color games in a colorful new dimension.  Next is the music.  The remixed music is fantastic.  It sounds really nice and the remixes make the game sound new and refreshing.  Let's not forget about the huge game world.  G/S were the only games to feature two regions and with two regions makes the game huge and lengthy.  The second region is back.
Along with updating the old games, there are some new features as well.  One of the first features you will notice is that the first Pokemon in your party will follow you, like Pikachu did in Pokemon Yellow.  The next big new feature is the Pokewalker, a pedometer.  You can transfer one Pokemon to it and while you walk around in real life, your Pokemon on it gains levels.  There are also Pokemon on there you can catch and items you can obtain as well.  There is also the Pokeathlon.  It is a set of minigames where you compete with your Pokemon.  The game also has some of the old legendary Pokemon that are now obtainable in the remakes like the Birds and Mewtwo.  There are also a few new routes and the Safari Zone is now in Johto, which is also customizable.  The most noticeable update for me is the new touchscreen interface for the menus.  Every menu in the game now has touchscreen support and it actually works well, unlike D/P/PL. There are also some other new features which are small like the berry pot and some other useful items.
This is easily the best game to come out so far this year for DS and will be one of the best RPGs on DS for a long time.  I've already sucked in 12+ hours and I will keep playing it for many more hours.
Final Thoughts :  You like the Pokemon games?  You will love this game.  Want to try out Pokemon for the first time?  This is the best place to start.
Thanks for reading my rant and my thoughts and hope you guys have a good day!
P.S.  Perfect Dark is out this week on XBLA.  Another great Nintendo game seeing the light of day once more.  I better get some MS points.   :P


Well, there are no tacos here actually.  Sorry   :(    Instead you have to read this blog about what I got for Christmas and be super jealous about it.   HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Now it's serious time.  Probably like many other Bombers here on GB, they are probably blogging about what they got for Christmas or it's in one big super thread and this thread will end up getting locked.  Anyways, I thought I would share what I got for Christmas, which happens to be a ton of video games and clothes.  Here is the list:

That's it.  I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't get some Nintendo Point cards that I asked for, but it's cool.  I'm probably going to exchange my 3-Month Xbox Live card for a Nintendo Point card and buy another one.  I want to get some DSi Ware games with those point cards.  Also, I think I will get my money back on my Xbox pajama pants.  I will never wear them.  Just sitting here in my room with my shorts on is good enough.  Since I'm a big fat guy, I love wearing shorts.  I just keep cooler that way.  Ask Jeff and Ryan, they are probably on the same boat as me.  As for my $50, I'm going to order the AVGN Volume 3 DVD.  I already own the first two so I want the third one as well.
I guess that's it really.  Going to play my new games for the next 500 years or until I beat them.  I hope you all had a happy holidays and keep on gaming!  See you in 2010!  Actually, I guess I will just see you on the GB forums since I'm on this fucking website everyday.


P.S.  WTF at Link's voice in Spirit Tracks.  It's a little different from the Wind Waker voice and the Phantom Hourglass voice.  I'm so used to the Wind Waker voice, it just sounds so goofy to me.  At least the game kicks ass so far.
EDIT:  I finally got my Nintendo Point cards and thought I would share some quick thoughts about what I think of the games I got.
Rayman - Guess what?  It's the first Rayman game, but now it's on Nintendo DSi.  Guess what else?  It still kicks ass.     YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
PiCTOBiTS - A fun little puzzle game that's easy to play, but really hard to master.
Castle of Magic - A kick ass platformer for only 500 points.  It seems like it might be on the short side, but it's only $5 and it's a ton of fun.
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing - A solid arcade racer with licensed cars.  It's kinda like a mini version of Burnout.  To bad the music isn't very good.
Pop Island - This is one crazy game.  It's a Capture the Flag game, but you are cute little animals.  I love the music and art style of it.  It seems like it might be a little shallow for single player, but the mulitplayer looks like it will be awesome.  I just wish it had online.
myNotebook: Red - A fun little notebook app that's only 200 points. I think it's funny that the game does have unlockables.
Dragon Quest Wars:  I'm not really a strategy fan, but this game is pretty fun.  It's a very simple grid based strategy game.  Best of all, it has online play.
EDIT 2:  Holy crap.  I got even more DS games.  This weekend GameStop is having buy 2 get 1 free on used games and I took advantage of it.  Here are the 3 DS games I got:
I guess I will be playing my DS for the next 700 years with all these games I got.  :P


I haven never cared about mobile gaming.  If I want to play games on the go, I will just bring my DSi.


I GOT A HAIR CUT and what I'm up to.

I guess I haven't made a normal blog in a while.  Usually when I blog I talk about something in particular, but this time I just want to blog about what I'm doing.  First things first I finally got a hair cut.  I haven't gotten a hair cut since February or March I think.  It's been way to long.  Here are pictures from before and after the buzzer raped my hair.  I feel so much better after getting my hair cut.  I feel like a new man.

God, those pictures are scary.  I look like a rapist.  Haha.  Now for what I've been up to.  Like usual I've been playing a ton of Street Fighter IV like always.  I own the game on Xbox 360 and PC.  If you want to add me my gamertag is JJOR64.  I'm a solid Honda player and I'm always looking for a challenge.  Besides SFIV, I've been kinda playing Dragon Quest V on DS.  I loved DQ4 & 8 and this one is great as well.  Other then that, I haven't been playing anything at all really.  Everything has just been boring the crap out of me and nothing sounds fun.  Right now I'm just waiting for Christmas to roll around so I can get some more games to play.  These are the games I'm asking for this year.
  1. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  2. Assassin's Creed 2
  3. Tekken 6
  4. Punchout!!
  5. Wii Sports Resort
  6. Left 4 Dead 2
  7. Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
  8. 2 2000 Nintendo Point Cards for DSiWare Games
That's what I want game wise for Christmas this year.  I probably wont get all of it, but that's alright.

Now for non video game/hair cut stuff.  Lately I've been watching a ton of anime (*inserts anime is for jerks joke here*) and I have been blogging my thoughts on the shows I've been watching over at Anime Vice blog.  While they aren't the greatest reviews at all, it's fun to do and I haven't done something like this at all in the past.  Sometimes it's kinda annoying to do, but I keep pushing myself.  Right now I'm watching The Familiar of Zero and going to start the third season tonight.  It's a fun and goofy romantic comedy with magic and stuff.  Kinda feels like Harry Potter in a way, but it's a lot different and better IMO.
I guess this is the end of this blog thing.  I guess I will go make some supper and do something.  I also have a weird request.  Since it's the Holidays and all, anyone want to make some awesome photoshop pictures using those pictures of me?  I would love to have Jeff or any other GB stuff in the background or something.  I guess I should stop this thing before I ask for something weird.
P.S.  Here is an awesome random YouTube video.  Enjoy!


My thoughts on New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Well, I have just 100% NSMBW and I thought I would share my thoughts on the game.  I could do a user review but, I'm to lazy. to write a well thought out review.  :P  Instead of a written review here are some bullet points for what I liked about the game and what I didn't like.
What I liked:
  • A new Mario platformer on the Wii.
  • Has a simple, clean, and colorful look to the game which is nice.
  • Looks awesome at 60 fps.
  • Tons of great new levels
  • Kooopalings are back.
  • Epic final boss battle.
  • While some of the music is old and some new, it still sounds very good.
  • Classic sound effects.
  • The super guide feature for new players.  I never had the block appear for me, but it's great for new players.
  • Sexy red case.
  • Yoshi is back.
What I didn't like:
  • Way to short.  Any pro Mario player could be this in a day or two.  The DS version was longer then this one.
  • All the boss battles were to easy.  Three hits and they were dead except for the final boss which was a little different.
  • No classic controller support.  Really?
  • Nunchuck support.  While some people may like it, I thought it felt very strange while playing the game with it.  Stick with the Wii Remote and d-pad.
  • The motion control stuff wasn't needed.  I thought it was more frustrating using it then I thought it was going to be.  Example: In  7-Fortress there is a moving platform going up and you control the platform with the Wii Remote.  While you are doing that, you still have to move Mario with the d-pad.  I thought it was annoying to multitask while moving the Wii Remote and trying to move Mario at the same time so I wouldn't die.  I was more focused at moving the platform and watching the enemies when I should have just been moving Mario around and jumping on dudes so kill myself for some stupid reason.
  • Not as difficult as people said it was.  There were a few tough levels but, I thought it was a cake walk.
  • It think it's fact that no one likes Bowser Jr. at all.  It's really weird to see him with the Koopalings.
  • Yoshi isn't used very much.  Only like 5 levels or so.
For a new 2D Mario game to hit the Wii is great but, there were some problems.  I'm not really sure if this should have cost $50.  What I was thinking was 'What if this was a Wiiware game?"  If this game was like a 2000 point (or cheaper) Wiiware game, it would easily be the best game on Wiiware.  Maybe this game is just to big to fit onto the Wiiware service.  Who knows.  As a Mario nut job, I still bought the game and enjoyed it a lot.  I still haven't checked out the multiplayer yet and I would still love to.  Maybe I will be able to check it out during thanksgiving next week.  Now to show off what happens when you beat the game with 100%.

When you get 100% in the game, the game says "You have completed everything in New Super Mario Bros. Wii" and on your save game it will show 5 stars.
Thanks for checking out this blog and hope you liked it.  For those of you who bought the game, what do/did you think about it?