I think it's awesome.

I think that it's awesome that a bunch of big name fighting games are coming out this year.  After I got HD Remix back in December, I've gotten back into fighters big time.  I'm up for new fighters anytime.  Can't wait for Tekken 6.


I located the GiantBomb Office on Google Maps

I was chatting with one of my friends online and he asked for my address so he could find my house on Google Earth.  So I gave it to him and then I decided, I'll go find his house.  After I located his house,  I decided to look for the GiantBomb office on Google Maps for fun.  I was looking for like 10 minutes and I finally found it.

Whiskey Media Building

Wow, the building is a lot bigger then I thought.  Every time I see their door to their office, I think of the How To Build A Bomb videos.  Well, since I found them, maybe I should locate some other places around the world on Google Maps for fun.  Just thought I would share this picture to people who are interested about the Bombers office building.  On a side note, it would have been funny if that guy in the picture was one of the staff members.

P.S.  Happy Birthday GiantBomb!  All of us here love you guys and will support you till the end of time (when the E.R. will probably end).

I finally 100% Super Luigi Galaxy

I have finally 100% Super Mario Galaxy with Luigi.  About time, it took me 20 months to beat it.  Ok, I guess I didn't try to beat it on all days.
The Grand Finale Galaxy is now open!
After watching the Mario Marathon for charity, I wanted to finish this game.  When I booted up the game today, I seen I had 90 Stars with Luigi so I was like "Hey, I could beat this today."  I'm really glad I did to.  I always wanted to 100% this game and I finally have.  Once you get all 120 Stars and beat Bowser with Luigi, you get "Grand Finale Galaxy."  What the Grand Finale Galaxy is the very beginning of the game, the Star Festival.  Once you beat Grand Finale Galaxy with both Mario and Luigi, you get special pictures sent to your Wii Message Board (see below), and special letter to the Wii Message Board (see below) and you get to see your death count with both characters (Mario: 141  Luigi: 86).  Also, your game file is all sparkly.  What's next?  Super Mario Galaxy 2.  I am super excited for it and I can't wait till it comes out.  I'm curious how much harder the game is going to be compared to the first one.  Here are a few pictures I took with my camera.  P.S.  I guess we have to make a character page for Bill Board now.  :-P


Which Club Nintendo Platinum Award Should I Pick?

Before you read this, read Ryan's article.  Now since you have read that, you guys get to help me.  I'm kinda going towards the WiiWare game since that is the only way to get that game but, the Mario hat does look rad.  I think the WiiWare game would be fun for like 20 minutes then get old fast.  I may as well get Punchout!! instead.  Maybe I should get the hat instead.  AAAGH!  I can't decide.  What do you guys think I should get?  (Sorry for the goofy table.)     EDIT:  I should have put in a poll.  Oh well.  I will just read the comments.

EDIT 2:  After thinking, I chose the Mario hat.  The Doc Louis game would be cool but, it would get old fast.

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! vs Mario Hat



I played Battlefield 1943 with Major Nelson!

Major Nelson's Profile
The topic title says it all.  I played a game of BF 1943 with thee Major Nelson.  I didn't schedule anything with him, he was just in the
Major Nelson on my team.
match that I joined.  In the first match he was on the other team.  In the second match, he was on my team.  I found it kinda strange that he didn't have a mic.  I kinda wanted to talk to him, chat about Xbox in general and what not.  Anyways the 2nd match was going a long good.  We are doing ok.  I was rushing towards a base to capture it then, my fucking game freezes. That was the 2nd time that has happened to me and it pisses me off.  I really love this game a whole lot.  I really wish that they could have fixed these issues before the game launched.  Anyways, thought I would share this little story with you guys.  I really like the graphic behind Major's Gamerscore and his Zone.

Me flipping off the TV because it froze.

Thanks to BlazBlue, I want to check out Battle Fantasia

Japanese box art of the game.
I have been playing BlazBlue and loving it since I got it on the 4th of July.  When I first open the game case and looked at the maunel, I seen an ad for Battle Fantasia on the back of it.   Battle Fantasia is a game made by the same creators as BlazBlue and Guilty Gear and is only on Xbox 360 (in America only).  Now after playing BlazBlue, I really want to check out Arc System Works' other game.  The game looks like a fun, easy to pick up fighter.  I really find the RPGness of the game to be really interesting.  Also, I want to pick this up because fighting games have been really fun lately for me.  Now before I can play Battle Fantasia, I need to find some where to buy it.  First I hit up Gamestop.com and seen that it's still $40 new.  I really don't want to spend that much on it.  Next I went to eBay, and that was a big mistake.  I seen a bunch of copies for $50+.  I guess that the game might be rare and people want it because of BlazBlue so, I might have to pay that $40 for it at Gamestop unless I can find a cheap copy of it somewhere else.  I guess I will be going on a never ending quest to save my....... I mean find a cheap copy of this game.  On a side note, Jeff did a Quick Look for this game way back in September.


P.S.  Why is the Arc System Works page so crappy?  Someone should really make it better.

EDIT:  I finally ordered the game.  I got it from Gamestop.com with some coupons so it only cost me $24.26.

I almost shit my pants today.

Just a few hours ago I went to play some BlazBlue.  Right when the game started, my Xbox turned off.  When I turned my Xbox back on, I discovered that my Xbox 360 profile got corrupt.  At first I didn't believe it and almost shit my pants but, then I remembered "Recover Gamertag."  I'm very thankful for this feature and if I recall, PS3 doesn't have something like this but I could be wrong.  Anyways, I'm so glad that I didn't lose everything.  I have no idea what I would have done if I had to re-play every Xbox game that I own to get my Gamerscore back up.


YooouuuTuuube: The Next YouTube Thing

I was on Newgrounds looking around and I stumbled across this on RubberNinja's blog (Don't know him? Check out his Flash Vids) and he had a link to http://www.yooouuutuuube.com/, which might be one of my favorite YouTube fan project out there.  What is it?  You put in a link to a YouTube video and it makes a grid of the video on your screen.  You can also customize this by setting the Width and Height of the picture.  To show it off, I chose the Video Thing: Red Alert 3: Uprising video.  Here is the link to it. 


I thought this site was really neat and thought I would blog about it.  Some times it seems that the video wont load so, you have to refresh the page so it will load up.


I think I'm going to kill myself over this movie.....


Really.....REALLY!?  You have to go be kidding me.  This looks like the worst f**king movie ever.  They made Date Movie, Epic Movie, Scary Movie (first one was good), and now this f**king piece of trash.  I'm sorry, I think I would rather eat the rotten asshole of a road killed skunk and down it with beer then watch this awful piece a crap.  I would rather jump into a pile of needles then watch this crap.  Maybe I should just say that the Wayne Brothers ARE NOT funny any more.  I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to kill myself now or go play Big Rigs, which is probably more entertaining that this awful piece of crap.


It's official, I'm excited for H2.

I'm one of those people who love to watch horror movies and one of those movies that I like is Halloween (2007).  There has been some negative back lash on Rob's remake but personally, I love the dark twist he did.  It was new and refreshing to slasher movies in my opinion.  Anyways, a few days ago Entertainment Tonight had a sneak peak of the movie:


After seeing this video I'm not even more excited about the movie, which comes out August 28th.  Well it's a few months away.  I have been going to http://halloweenmovies.com/ to get all the latest news about the release.  While visiting it today I got some pictures from the movie.


Also while I'm on the subject I may as well post IGN's interview with Rob.  There is also an interview with Scout you can click on in this embedded video.


Well I'm excited about the movie and can't wait for it.  Are you guys excited for this or not?

EDIT: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810061258/video or http://halloweenmovies.com/latestnews/?p=350
Here is a link to the trailer which was realesed on April 24th.  For some reason there is no embed so just click the link.

EDIT 2:  The countdown has begun.  http://halloweenmovies.com/latestnews/?p=382