Las Vegas + some Rock Band related blogging

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. At least that's what I'm told.
This will be my first trip to Vegas so I'm pretty excited. I'm going down for a wedding so time to mess around will be fairly slim, but I'll make some time. There's a lot to do there though so I doubt i will see everything I want to. I'm driving down from Oregon, so that kinda sucks. The drive will be long and it will just get hotter and hotter the further south I go. Expected high temperature in Vegas is suppose to be over 100 every day I'll be there. This may be brutal. Anyways I guess I'll take some pictures so they may or may not be posted here on my blog sometime in the future. I've yet to decide whether or not I want to keep what happens in Vegas... in Vegas. I'm guessing the hotel I'm staying at will have wi-fi but I may not have time to log on. I'll be back hitting up the forums on Tuesday for sure though.
Anyways, enough about that because I just 5-starred "The Perfect Drug" on Rock Band 2 drums like a half hour ago. For anyone that doesn't play Rock Band, that song on drums is one of the toughest in the game. A lot of super hard songs have been released as DLC since "The Perfect Drug" came out but it's still a hell of a drum song and very hard to keep a multiplier on. It is probably the only song that I have been consistently going for 5 stars on and never quite getting it. Here's a screen shot I snapped for... some purpose I have yet to discover. It's for this blog! There now it has a purpose. Now, said picture:


That 5 star is a pretty big Rock Band accomplishment for me. Now I can finally shake those nightmares where I get sooo close but can never get the 5 stars. Just to be clear I don't really have dreams about Rock Band. That would be a little creepy. But if I did, Alex Navarro would totally be playing drums in my virtual dream band. I should start a real band and name it "Virtual Dream Band". Or maybe just "Virtual Dream". OK, I'm getting wildly off topic and since this isn't the Bombcast, I'm gonna wrap this up. 
I'll miss you while in Vegas, Giant Bomb. If anyone actually wasted a chunk of their ever so precious life by reading this, you are now stupider for it. But you're also now my best buddy for it. Oh and please find the time to leave me the most random PM you can think of for absolutely no reason while I'm gone. I want that inbox full when I get back!    :P

By the way, I have the first post attached to the Las Vegas "location" on the site. That rocks.
(OK, actually) END