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Yeah! I decided to take the safety course on a whim about 2 years ago now and I've been loving riding ever since. It's been a fun challenge learning to ride skillfully. I still own my first bike, which is a Honda CB900F 919. It's been great to me.

That GS500 looks nice. I don't know if you've looked at them at all, but the Suzuki SV650 is also a good midsized bike that is supposed to be a little more forgiving on beginners. They're usually fairly ubiquitous on Craigslist, too. I was looking at them for a while before I bought my 919.

Also, if you're looking for a good online retailer for gear and whatnot, I can't recommend Revzilla.com enough. They do great video walkthroughs of pretty much every popular piece of gear that they sell. Super helpful. Though I'll say that buying a helmet is one you'll definitely want to do in person. Go into a motorcycle specific shop and ask them to help you find one that fits your head. It's a lot more nuanced than you'd think, and getting a good fit is vitally important. I suffered for a while wearing my first helmet, a Scorpion EXO-500, that was too round for my oval head and put pressure on my forehead. I ended up buying a nice Arai Signet-Q with custom cheek pads a while back and it's been much more enjoyable riding with a helmet that fits me.

Let us know when you buy your bike!

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Dude whatever I have a GTX 770 and it runs fine.

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@nashvilleskyline: Sure, I'll go ahead and add you to my friend list. And yeah I'd love to try out the new dashboard, so an invite to the preview program would be awesome!

@clapmaster: Horizon is fantastic. I played the Fast & Furious demo thingy and decided I had to get the full game. And you're right about the Project Cars career mode, unfortunately. Otherwise that game is pretty neat. I thought it would scratch the Forza itch on PC, but not quite. By the way, you might know: was Forza 5 ever "fixed"? I remember mass complaints, but also that they were fixing things about the game. Should I play it or just wait for 6?

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I've had a pretty good pc for the last year but have also found myself playing my xbox one more. The freedom to be able to change settings on pc games is a bit too much for me as I'm almost always playing around with them. It's like I focus more on the game's performance than I do playing the actual game (don't even get me started on the OCD compulsion of browsing pc parts frequently).

I also bought a pretty nice chair for my pc and while it is really comfortable I'm just too used to sitting/laying on my bed over the last decade when gaming that I can't get into playing one for a long stretch any other way. Add in to the equation that pc versions of games aren't visually blowing out the consoles yet and that 30 fps on the latter looks smooth enough and there ya have the reason why I've been console gaming more since last fall.

PS- Does anyone know why 30 fps on console seems to look smoother than 30 on the pc? Is it an animation issue with the pc version being targeted at 60 vs the console version's animation being targeted at 30? I've noticed games like the Witcher 3 and Sleeping Dog DE (both maxed at a perfect 30) look jerkier than the console version.

I know what you mean. I have at least mild attention deficit disorder, and I really think the options presented on PC, while cool, can sometimes detract from my overall enjoyment. It's nice for all of the little knobs and switches to be taken away. I have the same issue with sitting at my desk as well.

I think the frame rate thing just comes down to optimization. PCs can be all over the place with frame rates, and even if you have the option to lock it, sometimes there is microstuttering depending on the game, your hardware, or both. I recall Skyrim being a particularly bad example when it launched on PC.

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I bought the game on PC and it seems great. If I hadn't come to the Internet and stumbled upon these threads I'd have never known people could have been angry about the game. Just wanted to throw that out there. Just play the game, people. Your fixation on the inconsequential details and comparisons to other platforms seem to be robbing a lot of you of fun.

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That Sony may be placing a heavier focus on an antiquated style of game design does not warrant excitement in my opinion. JRPGs are fine, but I'm pretty okay with the rate we're currently getting them.

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@kevin_cogneto: How exactly do the new drum fill sections work? I missed the reveal and I'm not able to watch it at the moment.

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Oh thank god. I bought this and have wanted to play it, but it's a lot easier for me to jump into things when they have controller support. Now I just wish there would be a pc version of the mass effect games with controller support.

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I'm of the belief that if the first scene of the first episode didn't immediately hook you for life you're a weirdo. But I was also 13 when the show premiered, made sure to watch it every week and re-watch each prior episode of the series before every new season, and was basically raised on that show / heavily influenced on my social and political beliefs by that show.

It's less a show I enjoyed, more a foundational pillar of my humanity. So I'm biased.

...Are you this man?

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Th question of story and choice consequence has been answered but I just wanted to post to say that I much preferred Witcher 1 at the end of the day. It feels old and has its flaws, but once you play for a bit and get past some antiquated aspects, I feel it's much more rewarding of an experience. Also somehow I really liked the combat, which I know isn't the most popular opinion.

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I'm really not sure why, but I've probably watched episode 50 of the Persona 4 Endurance Run about a dozen times. Great episode. That whole series is great.

Isn't that the infamous episode that "broke" and Vinny/Drew nearly lost their minds trying to fix whatever had happened?


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