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Your GTA saga is ridiculous. Stop posting about it.

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I didn't get into these games until one of my friends introduced me to Guitar Hero 2 on the 360, but it seems like we had a similar experience. Great era of gaming. I just picked up Rock Band 3 again a few days back, and I just wish my old RB2 guitar registered button presses better. Game's still fun.

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If I'm not mistaken, the previous sale they ran (same discount) coincided with Mothers Day. So yeah, it'll almost definitely happen again at some point sooner or later.

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I was watching Chopped of all things, and recognized they used the menu music from Midnight Club 3 at one point. I think it's probably just an instrumental version of an actual hip-hop song, so maybe not exactly "video game music," but that's what I've got. It was still strange.

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That's funny. All these years and I never noticed he wears glasses.

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I'm 99% sure that is indeed how it works.

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It adds a whole fifth act, and then I believe the adventure mode is an expansion-only thing. Adventure mode is great for keeping the mindless grinding fresh, but not immediately necessary. Maybe finish the main game and then think about buying the expansion.

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You're not giving a lot of information here, but it looks like a 500 watt power supply. That shoooould be enough to upgrade to a larger card, though it depends on the quality of the PSU and how close it can realistically come to its theoretical maximum power output. A cheaper PSU is going to be less efficient with its 500 watts, basically. But I think you should still be fine.

Also, don't buy a 600 series card. There's no reason to unless you're getting it extremely cheap from a friend or something. Buy a newer card. I haven't been keeping up so much on video cards these days, but I guess the 900 series just came out. Maybe go for a 970?

If it were me I'd buy a new PSU that I knew was reliable and capable alongside a new 900 series card. Your PSU is super important, and it's always good to make sure you have one that will hold up, but it's up to you.

If you were to buy a PSU and wanted something relatively cheap yet awesome, I'd go with one of these.

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I've been yearning for a Mass Effect rerelease lately. Their controller support (or lack thereof) and DLC situation on PC is a hassle, and I'd like all three games plus DLC in a nice tidy package. I know it's perhaps not completely in the spirit of the HD remake, but I'd totally play a smoother and higher res version of that entire series again.