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Well great. I was all excited to get the game on Vita, but, uh, okay then. I guess I'll wait for PC?

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That cloud save issue seems real frustrating. Glad you got it figured out and those DA saves trimmed down, ha. You've been playing a lot of games I'd like to be playing, so it was nice to read about your experiences. I just have so many games to play! Majora's Mask, Monster Hunter, and Pokemon Omega Ruby just on my 3DS. Then there's Ori, Hotline Miami 2, and the rest of my Steam backlog. I've also really been tempted by Cities: Skylines, but haven't caved and bought that one yet. It's a good problem to have I suppose.

I hope your real life problems are sorted out soon. Hang in there.

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I mean we all here at Giant Bomb are pretty hype for it,


God that's annoying.

As for your question, no, it almost certainly won't be the phenomenon that it was, and Harmonix knows that. It seems like they're being smart about not betting on such an outcome. Anyone who's saying "that fad ended years ago!" were likely only players solely as a result of the popularity and aren't the audience Harmonix is trying to sell to here. I personally think the game will do well enough to sustain itself because Rock Band is awesome, and a significant number of people know that and yearn for more.

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I like the idea, but I don't see it happening. Things like the Razer 360 controller are probably as close as you'll get (though I'm personally not sure how much better that thing actually is).

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@daveyo520: For crunchyroll? No thanks. If I'm going to get into anime there's a lot I can watch on Netflix first.

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@bucklebutt: 32 GB SD card gives 200,000 blocks! It's going to take a while to fill those blocks.

I bought a 64 gig card with my new 3DS. I don't know what I was thinking, but it's glorious, haha.

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I mean, it's kind of just a set piece moment. You're using the cannons on the side of the ship and then the giant drill on the front depending on where the monster is at any given time. The rest of the time you're mostly evading. It's not exactly a real fight. I personally didn't have much issue with it, but I do agree that it wasn't the most fun sequence in the world. I also agree that it wasn't the best time to explain the blight mechanic, because in fact I still don't understand it. Going to go and look it up now to fix that.

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@csl316: I hope you stayed up. It was a great game.

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@jbg4 said:


I was the most graceful hunter ever for those first couple minutes.

I am struggling with the insect part... I'm able to hit something maybe 10 percent of the time that I try but I have taken more to just slashing at enemies and not worrying about the insect which leads me to think that I may change weapons pretty soon, but I'm not sure what to try next.

I am working on the Jaggi armor right now. I'm hoping to be able to craft all that is available to me before I move on to bigger monsters.

I did the same thing at first, but as I grew more comfortable with the controls it became more and more natural gathering nectar. Just run up on those monsters and get right up in their grill before you let the bug go. I personally don't use the marker thing, as recommended in the Gaijin Hunter videos. It can be tough before you get some speed boosts to your bug, but you'll get the hang of it. Though I can also see not having a second stick making it a little harder to keep the monster in view the way you'd like to. Definitely brach out to other weapons if the insect glaive isn't doing it for you. I dove into the long sword for a little bit and the way you charge that thing up and start swinging like crazy is actually pretty freaking fun and definitely requires less precision.

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Haha, sounds like it was a pretty intense showdown for the first few minutes. One thing I'd recommend is to just go ahead and throw a paintball at the monsters right away. They last for probably a good ten minutes or so, and if the fight feels like it's going on for a little bit, you can eventually throw another one. But a lot of times just one will last you, and especially once you start fighting monsters multiple times and you really get their patterns down.

How are you doing with the insect part of the Insect Glaive? The toughest part for me is still being quick and accurate with aiming the bug, but I've noticed my improvement over the time I've spent, and that feels rewarding.

Also if you haven't already, I'd make it a priority to craft that Jaggi armor, so maybe talk to The Man and see what he's offering and what he needs. The defense aspect of armor alone really does make a huge difference when you start fighting some of the bigger, nastier monster. That's not even to mention the potential added skills from armors.