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Mobas are, like, all about the moves you don't make, man.

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don't get it, the game has randomly triggered encounters I think, and the first game (First Departure) is piss poor

If you're implying random battles single-handedly make a game not worth playing, then that's... well that's something.

Also even if the game's on PSN, it doesn't mean it's automatically compatible with Vita. The whole PS1/PSP compatibility on Vita situation seems really random.

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@corruptedevil said:

Mustard isn't the devil but it's fucking disgusting.

I'm with this guy. Mustard is highly overrated, overpowers the other tastes in whatever you're eating.

Here's the secret: use less.

It's delicious on a hotdog or something.

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More Vinny, definitely, though I'm not sure a second podcast is quite in order. I just want them to get their recording setup operational asap.

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Ego...raptor? You guys, let's just all make a pact not to follow dumb internet drama. Especially when it involves characters named "Egoraptor."

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I did not read anything you wrote.

You should have called this "X-Capades."

You're way better at this than I am.

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All I got to say is don't shoplift at the wal-mart, man.

Yeah okay, Chris.

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@jadegl: Duder, just buy Vanilla Cokes at the store. I'm pretty sure they still sell them. If not, some vanilla Italian soda syrup in a regular coke does the trick.

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I have a proposition that might be of use to people's privacy. You can make it like Steam. Private profiles. Visible only to logged-in users and so on. Since you can't change your username for free...

The easier solution there is to not fill out your profile with information you wish to keep private.

What if I want to delete pictures and lists and blogs as well? It will take several hours.

Or in the case of blogs, it's just literally impossible to delete them, which is completely fucked. I believe the ability to delete pictures was only added back relatively recently. The latest redesign has really crippled basic usability, which has been unfortunate.

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I dont know how much audio books cost but for those to be worth over $1000 they would have to be almost $100 each witch doesnt make the advertising seem dishonest, it makes it seem like a lie.

Also, of course they put Fight Club behind the $10 wall.

Actually you're wrong. It makes it seem like an untruth, if anything.