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I've been yearning for a Mass Effect rerelease lately. Their controller support (or lack thereof) and DLC situation on PC is a hassle, and I'd like all three games plus DLC in a nice tidy package. I know it's perhaps not completely in the spirit of the HD remake, but I'd totally play a smoother and higher res version of that entire series again.

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I believe you can also just type that podcast link directly into the search field in the podcast app itself. No need for Safari.

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Maybe Cabin in the Woods? It's a pretty clever film. Not exactly scary, but that's not what it's going for.

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Hey, nice. Sleater Kinney joined in on "Rockin' in the Free World" at the Pearl Jam concert I went to last year. I haven't listened to a ton of their music, but I agree that Carrie Brownstein is great, so I should probably check them out.

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Jesus christ, this thread.

On a related note, everyone should listen to the latest Idle Thumbs (169) for some amazing waifu conversation.

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People should not play Legend of Dragoon. It was always a bad imitation of the good PlayStation RPGs. And getting into a random battle takes like fifteen minutes every time. It's the worst.

You're the worst! And your mom's the worst! and your face is the worst!

It's really not a bad game. It has it's faults, but it's awesome. Worth playing.

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That's cool, man. If you're looking for a fun and motivating way to get some writing in every day, check out 750words.com. I wrote there for a long long time. Unfortunately it's a service you have to pay a bit for now, but I believe there's a free trial, so I'd recommend trying it out. You can earn badges for your writing, which are an achievement or trophy equivalent, and that's fun if you're into such things. It will also track lots of other stats about your mood and most used words for each day. It provides good incentive to just write, about absolutely anything, every single day.

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@marokai: Wowzers, that's awesome. I'm definitely trying it when I get home! Seems like saves wouldn't transfer, though? Or maybe they totally would the same way. I'll check it out.

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@marokai: If that's actually possible, you're going to have to explain exactly how that works. I need my Dragoon on Vita.

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@pie said:

Never changed it. People shouldn't change them