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This is maybe silly, but I used to run a ~15 foot USB extension cable from my PC around my TV and closer to where I sit and plugged my bluetooth adapter into that. It should help with any distance limitations if you can find a way to conceal the cord a reasonable amount. Just a thought.

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I've ordered a new 3DS which should arrive next week, and I want to try getting into Monster Hunter again. I played one on the PSP (MH Freedom?), but never was able to really figure it all out. So basically I have next to no idea how to play, but maybe some of yous could help.

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I expected this to be a volleyball thread...

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"And,I am not writing this to say I Destiny shouldn't have been on the list"


"So, that's 15 games that, to me, could've ( or should've ) been the number ten game on 'The list.'"

Yeah, okay.

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@teddie: Good to know, thanks! I'll probably give it a listen as I continue to plug through the game then. Seems like a neat game, and I look forward to seeing whatever great moments it has in store.

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I'm curious if they got in-depth with Valiant Hearts, as I just picked it up and would like to discover the ending myself. If anyone knows if that's talked about, I'd love to know. I'm just nervous because of how Patrick started to talk about the end of the game and was stopped, but said it'd come up later.

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Your GTA saga is ridiculous. Stop posting about it.

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I didn't get into these games until one of my friends introduced me to Guitar Hero 2 on the 360, but it seems like we had a similar experience. Great era of gaming. I just picked up Rock Band 3 again a few days back, and I just wish my old RB2 guitar registered button presses better. Game's still fun.

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If I'm not mistaken, the previous sale they ran (same discount) coincided with Mothers Day. So yeah, it'll almost definitely happen again at some point sooner or later.

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I was watching Chopped of all things, and recognized they used the menu music from Midnight Club 3 at one point. I think it's probably just an instrumental version of an actual hip-hop song, so maybe not exactly "video game music," but that's what I've got. It was still strange.