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Haha, sounds like it was a pretty intense showdown for the first few minutes. One thing I'd recommend is to just go ahead and throw a paintball at the monsters right away. They last for probably a good ten minutes or so, and if the fight feels like it's going on for a little bit, you can eventually throw another one. But a lot of times just one will last you, and especially once you start fighting monsters multiple times and you really get their patterns down.

How are you doing with the insect part of the Insect Glaive? The toughest part for me is still being quick and accurate with aiming the bug, but I've noticed my improvement over the time I've spent, and that feels rewarding.

Also if you haven't already, I'd make it a priority to craft that Jaggi armor, so maybe talk to The Man and see what he's offering and what he needs. The defense aspect of armor alone really does make a huge difference when you start fighting some of the bigger, nastier monster. That's not even to mention the potential added skills from armors.

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Good luck! I really hope you like the insect glaive; I've been having a ton of fun with it. You're going to feel so accomplished once you take down your first Great Jaggi, haha.

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@jbg4: Cool! I look forward to your blog. I can't wait to read your thoughts on this crazy game.

@slax: I personally only did two of the weapon quests (Insect Glaive and Long Sword), and then moved on to the story quests. I do plan to go back and check some of those out eventually, though, alongside the Gaijin Hunter weapon tutorials. If anyone wants a good source of how to use each weapon, that video series is pretty rad.

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I have one response:

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But really, you're right that the statistical approach is a really interesting one, and it's definitely a trend that's only becoming more popular. ESPN recently did a TrueHoop video on it if you haven't seen it. The Blazers' old GM, Rich Cho, is well-known for being really statistically-minded, though he didn't last very long up here, so that's kind of a shame.

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I downloaded Banner Saga to kill some time on my phone yesterday, having read on the app update page that it seems to support iCloud saves.

I was thinking I could take my game to my iPad later. Well now I can't tell if this is the case because I'm not seeing any option to save to iCloud or upload a save. I've also googled this and read a quick interview from the developer talking about the then forthcoming iOS versions, and he mentions GameCenter and cloud saves being in the game.

Can anyone help me out with how I can access iCloud? I'm probably just being stupid and missing something. Thanks in advance.

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It's funny, I'm currently playing through A Link to the Past with a walkthrough, though I almost never use them. I've always liked to discover things on my own, but for whatever reason that approach just never got me very far in LttP. And of course it's widely regarded as one of the best games of all time, so I just have to see it through. I have to know. Even if it's not the ideal experience.

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This is maybe silly, but I used to run a ~15 foot USB extension cable from my PC around my TV and closer to where I sit and plugged my bluetooth adapter into that. It should help with any distance limitations if you can find a way to conceal the cord a reasonable amount. Just a thought.

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I've ordered a new 3DS which should arrive next week, and I want to try getting into Monster Hunter again. I played one on the PSP (MH Freedom?), but never was able to really figure it all out. So basically I have next to no idea how to play, but maybe some of yous could help.

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I expected this to be a volleyball thread...