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@jadegl: Duder, just buy Vanilla Cokes at the store. I'm pretty sure they still sell them. If not, some vanilla Italian soda syrup in a regular coke does the trick.

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I have a proposition that might be of use to people's privacy. You can make it like Steam. Private profiles. Visible only to logged-in users and so on. Since you can't change your username for free...

The easier solution there is to not fill out your profile with information you wish to keep private.

What if I want to delete pictures and lists and blogs as well? It will take several hours.

Or in the case of blogs, it's just literally impossible to delete them, which is completely fucked. I believe the ability to delete pictures was only added back relatively recently. The latest redesign has really crippled basic usability, which has been unfortunate.

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I dont know how much audio books cost but for those to be worth over $1000 they would have to be almost $100 each witch doesnt make the advertising seem dishonest, it makes it seem like a lie.

Also, of course they put Fight Club behind the $10 wall.

Actually you're wrong. It makes it seem like an untruth, if anything.

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It's great. Buy it. Play it.

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No more "Jeff and Vinny: Sports Experts" videos is the greater tragedy.

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@mb: Just a heads-up: the opening paragraph of your OP implies this isn't happening until next month; you (perhaps mistakenly?) say July instead of June. It appears it's happening tomorrow?

Anyway, I may buy some things...

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I'm seeing a lot of people mentioning stuttering. Have any of you tried a framerate limiter? In certain cases games try to draw an extra frame or something, and it creates a stutter issue. Skyrim was a notable culprit. Externally telling the game to lock at 60 (or whatever you can run steadily) may fix this issue.

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@maxopower: That image... will haunt my dreams forever.

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You definitely did something wrong building your PC if you spent $900 3 years ago and it failed to outperform a 360. I built my brother's PC two years ago for $650 and it crushes last gen games at 1080.

Did that include monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, Windows, etc.? I feel like there's always miscommunication in these types of threads as people shout out numbers and make comparisons that aren't actually valid. Not to mention that in this case we're converting currencies.

Performance also varies wildly game to game. I built my PC a year ago for ~$1,200 for the base components, and if I want 1080/60 on Black Flag I have to turn settings down to "normal," which is medium.