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" Quick update, liked the episode, seems like Dexter is going to have a problem in Jordan Chase. One glaring discrepancy that I couldn't ignore and made me think of it for the rest of the episode - While Dexter was punching the douchenheimer who beats that girl, he was saying that he was punching him in the liver. This was obviously false because Dexter was punching him on the left side of his abdomen, and not his right. It really bothered me for some reason, may be because I'm a med student, but more likely because Dexter is a dude that knows the human anatomy pretty well. FOR SHAME! "

You're right. I thought the same thing. Maybe they had it written in the script that way and they had to switch the camera angles which forced him to have to punch the dude on his other side instead... or something.  :P 
Very eventful episode though, although I'm sure many people didn't like it due to the whole Astor situation. I liked it though; it was a nice change of pace. The scene where Harry tells Dexter that he misjudged him was pretty huge. Who knows what effects that could have on Dexter's state of mind later in the series. Also, the whole part where he told Astor that he loved her. I was like, whoa son. Dexter, you're not allowed to love! 
Oh yeah, and in the scenes from next week, Dexter and Lumen are caught on tape prepping for the murder. Oh noes!
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@soulfulsoul: I don't know the full extent of the situation by any means, but reading most of that, it sounds like you're over reacting. It's not like they're laying around all day not moving. I would think that the anti-depressants probably have some effect on their behavior, but it just doesn't sound very serious to me. 
You should try taking to them about this.
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Hey, this is weird. You actually wrote about an album that I've listened to. This is probably the first time. 
After listening to it start to finish, waiting a while, and going back to listen to tracks over a few more times, I've concluded that this album is WEIRD. His first three albums I loved immediately. 808s and Heartbreak took an extremely long time to sink in with me, but I eventually ended up loving a lot of the tracks. This one will probably take some sinking in too, but right now, I'm left with: "Huh. Weird."

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@pbhawks45 said:
" So happy birthday, XBOX. Don't die on me again. "
Amen to that. 
Happy birthday.
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@cstrang said:
" Sick guide, dude.  A service to the community your are. "
You should keep an eye on this one.
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@Meteora said:
" Mine is and has always been Call of Duty 4. I don't know how many times I've praised that game. Its so damn good and revolutionary its not even funny. "
Same. It's the only game in the series that made me put serious amounts of time into it. The only console shooter I have put more hours into is probably Halo 2.
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Disappointing impressions, indeed. I want to play DK pretty badly after that QL and review though, so I'll pick that up at some point.

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So when's it gonna be a thing to hate the word "Blops"? 
I vote right now.

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Maybe I'll pick up Beatles Rock Band for 15. 
About where I've been the past Black Fridays though: At home, sleeping. Never been out shopping on Friday. Definitely plan to go this year though. I want to get Mass Effect 2, NBA 2K11, and maybe Beatles RB.

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I actually haven't played Forza for a while, but I have the MS wheel too. It's hard to get used to at first, but I like the realism it adds compared to a controller.