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World of Warcraft

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@KaosAngel said:
" This is America, FOX News keeps me informed as to what that secret muslim is doing 24/7. "
Don't leave your fear bunker!! 

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I'm guessing that was written jokingly, but still, shouldn't be there.

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@Hamz said:
" I think those of you fed up with the santa hat hooligans starting so early and those of you tired of the communist robot party dictating what we can and can't do at Christmas should change your avatars to something Pac-Man related.  Lets get a third faction up in this festive avatar race! "
Or, they could all put up Festivus pole avatars! 

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@Jimbo said:
" It's not really worth playing at any price tbh, ..."
You so crazy.
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@astrotriforce: Sorry guys, but there's an Andre Miller video to compete with whatever you can throw out there.  xD 
That actually just happened a few days ago.
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I've met several of them, but they're not close friends or anything.

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Almost exactly like the Dwight Howard Super Man dunk in the dunk contest if you saw that one. 
Oh, and if you want to see a REAL man throw it down, check out Andre Miller!!  :P 

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@Gamer_152 said:
" @MrKlorox said:
" Don't want curse words in titles? Don't allow them to be put there to begin with. "
I think it's rather unfair to say that if staff and mods want a rule to be upheld they should do it through force, as opposed to relying on the community to adhere to the rules. "
Besides, what if they took that approach to other aspects of the site?  
"OK, we don't want people to vandalize the Wiki, so we just won't let anyone contribute to it".
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I'm gonna be pissed if my Wal Mart doesn't have any copies of 2K11. I'm thinking of spending $12 extra and going to Target instead. That way I'd be able to go at any time of day as well. Idk, maybe I'll just go to Wal Mart early and make sure they have it. I'd like to save $12 if I can.