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@ShinjiEx said:
" Is this video from the Onion? "
I wish. I used to kinda like Skip. Now He's my mortal enemy.  :P
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@TwoLines said:
" @JJWeatherman: @WinterSnowblind:  This is important to me! You guys just DON'T GET IT! *Runs away crying*  ...    *Switches to the goddamn Christmas hat avatar* "
Yay!  :)
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" @face15 said:

" @9cupsoftea: Call of Duty is a household name. People tend to forget it, but literally everyone in western society knows what COD is. "

I think you're overestimating it a bit there. It's only anecdotal, but I can think of twice as many people who don't know it than people who do. Would be interesting to see some poll done about that though. "
But it's not like it's an ambiguous commercial or anything. I mean, really, an ambiguous commercial is a failed commercial. But my point is that it says "Call of Duty: Black Ops. Rated M for mature" right at the end of the commercial. If someone didn't know that it's a game before the commercial, they'd know before it was over. 
I just can't see anyone honestly getting this mixed up with a firearms commercial.
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@PenguinDust: @TwoLines: OMG-ZORS! You guys are incorrect for switching your avatars to something more festive, approximately 10 days before I would do it!  :P
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To set this up: I was browsing the ESPN app on my 360 and after passing by all of the "Greg Oden's out for the season" videos, I came across a video of a few ESPN personalities discussing whether or not Kobe's decision to do that Black Ops commercial was a good or bad decision and how it affects the league. Well, actually they pretty much all decided that it was a bad decision and it was bad for the league. I don't agree; I think it was fine. Here's the video: 

To me, Kobe participating in this ad does nothing but sell games. It's not offensive to me, and I actually think it's a pretty great commercial. I'm glad the woman starts to come around a bit towards the end, while trying to explain that it's just a video game. This whole thing just comes across as a "FOX News" type story. Skip's biggest problem seems to be that he is connecting video games with real war, which seems to happen a lot in the media, mostly with people that don't actually play video games. He says at one point:

"Does Kobe Bryant really need this money, this badly? Doesn't he have a couple of daughters last time I checked?"

I just thought "What?!" 
No he obviously doesn't need money. He probably did this commercial because he likes the game and wanted to support it, or Nike wanted some publicity since he's wearing the Nike shirt in the ad. Maybe it's a bit of both. Also, what was Skip's point with the daughters? Is he saying that Kobe's a bad role model for his daughters for being in a commercial for a video game? I just don't know. Come on, Skip.
I don't think that this will hurt the league or, really, anyone other than people like Skip that can't seem to realize that not everything has to be taken extremely seriously.
What do you guys think about this? Was Kobe's decision to participate in this commercial bad for the NBA, or even bad for the public in general? I think that most people here would probably see it the same way I do, but maybe I'm wrong.
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@HellBrendy said:
" Anyone care to help me out? I use this avatar everywhere I go on the internet, nobody has ever managed to do it. "
Have you ever wondered what the bottom of an avatar's foot looks like? Well, I can't show you that, but... 
Wha BAM! 
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It must have been a sad day when you saw that Cobra was replaced with Slumdog Millionaire.  :P

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lol, are you serious? 
It's just people being dumbasses. None of that "means" anything.

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What's with everyone complaining about starting too early? Way to get the holiday season off on the wrong foot.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:
" I love Christmas so much I don't mind putting it on early! Let's go! "
I like the gun hat.