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@PhaggyBigNastyMcKill said:
" @JJWeatherman: thanks "
lol, oh god. I'm glad you like it... I guess.  :P 
This thread's great.
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@JustinSane311 said:
" Updated my icon...It's a pretty crappy photoshop that took 10 min. "
Don't worry, those are the best kind of photoshops.
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I would definitely like that. It would be awesome to hear their in-depth thoughts about every game. 
The question is whether or not you guys would want this, not whether or not you think it will happen. I don't think it'll happen because of already mentioned reasons, but I'm still voting yes because it would be awesome.

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@PhaggyBigNastyMcKill said:
" How would one santa hat this?  "
You haaaaad to ask. 

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@LordAndrew said:
" @JJWeatherman said:
" But it's not like it's an ambiguous commercial or anything. I mean, really, an ambiguous commercial is a failed commercial. But my point is that it says "Call of Duty: Black Ops. Rated M for mature" right at the end of the commercial. If someone didn't know that it's a game before the commercial, they'd know before it was over. "
You think that the people who complain about stuff like this are even aware of ESRB ratings? "
Maybe, idk, but I was more talking about the part where it says Call of Duty: Black Ops.
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@gla55jAw said:
"... Kobe actually donated a million dollars for returning soldiers when he trained for actually doing the commercial. They should have talked about that. "
Indeed they should have. I'd never heard about that.
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@gingertastic_10: I hope it's good enough: 

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@fentonalpha said:

" Noob tubing is always crossing the line.... i assume this is what they mean. "

Oh, that wasn't clear? Skip's whole point was that REAL soldiers don't noob tube and Kobe should be ashamed that he's helped spread the message that they do.  xD
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I'd give my mom the gun from Portal. That way she could pass me food from the kitchen directly into my bedroom.

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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" Because it's boring, slow, and I hate breaking. Give me balls-to-the-wall JET MOTTO any day. That's right, I said Jet Motto. "
Technician fo life!