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800 MHz is perfectly normal when your CPU is idle--they clock down automatically as to not waste power. Your CPUz screenshot proves that your processor is running at 3.4 GHz, and that that's its maximum. I don't see an issue. It's probably not ideal to run a custom bios for a variety of potential reasons, but things seem fine on the processor frequency front to me.

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Digital game distributers should all take a page out of Hearthstone's or Dota's book. Make the digital event as fun, or nearly as fun, as the physical event. Openening digital cards in Hearthstone isn't quite as good as the real thing, but it's close. Imagine something like that when you buy Xbox or PlayStation games. I'd be into it.

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They wouldn't necessarily have to do an ad version on Android, but yes, iOS is significantly more profitable and much easier to work with. Given that most of the mobile port work is already done, an Android version could happen in the future if it were to make financial sense. That may never be the case, though.

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It's pretty refreshing to play a game about a struggling author and his failed relationship.


You should play The Novelist!

Anyway, the game seemed neat on Unprofessional Fridays. I'd like to try it.

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This was actually cleared up sometime yesterday. I was drinking a potentially contaminated soda a couple days back when the warning happened, but thankfully I'm still alive!

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What kind of PC hardware do you have?

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They're both pretty awful, so...

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Have you considered an Intel Nuc machine? It's perhaps a bit expensive considering you'll need to buy an SSD and RAM separately, and the HD 5000 integrated graphics are only pretty good, not great. But the formfactor is incredible if you want it next to a TV, and you should be able to play a lot of smaller stuff no problem. I don't think something like Bioshock Infinite would run well at all, though. It's maybe a little risky since you can't just throw in a graphics card to boost performance, but it's something to consider. A mini-itx build (like the one Tested built) may be better if you want a real graphics card to play things like Bioshock and the like.

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@jjweatherman: This one? The latest update promises "improved power consumption"? Holy shit, it must be bad if no longer causing severe battery drain is worth mentioning in the changelog.

Yep, that one. I mean, I guess it was my fault to turn off my screen while it was loading up, but you'd think it'd either finish loading in the background or stop. Either would have been fine! Instead it just kinda... kept "loading."

In-app battery drain seems normalish.

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Yesterday I turned off my phone's screen as the F1 app was still opening up, just to find my phone extremely hot a couple hours later and my battery at about 10%. Android's awesome sometimes.